On September 30, Amazon will release the latest in their growing library of original children's and family music exclusively streaming on Prime Music, with DREAM TOO MUCH, the debut kindie album from AMY LEE, the GRAMMY award-winning co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band, Evanescence. This week brings the release of the animated video for the title track, which can be seen below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine...

You heard it here first that LAURA MARANO's version of the theme song from MIRACULOUS: TALES OF LADYBUG & CAT NOIR  would have its music video premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, and with that behind us, the video is online thanks to Nickelodeon. Take a peek below, and read-on for what's next for MIRACULOUS!

With Comic-Con International (SDCC) getting underway in San Diego this week, families need a proper soundtrack filled with fresh jams. Just-released is INFINITY PLUS ONE, the latest album from Kindie superstar SECRET AGENT 23 SKIDOO - a record that brims with geektastic glory, covering subjects like Multiverses and Monsters. One song posits the question of whether the listener is a superhero or a supervillain? Personally, I'm probably a bit of both, but my victory laugh does indicate some nefarious tendencies. Want to explore your own super-aspirations? Skidoo just released the music video for "Secret Superhero," and it's Rock Father-approved! Check it out...

Following From Here to There and Dream a Little (Sueña un Poquito), bilingual children's artist NATHALIA is back with her third full-length album, Cuando Era Pequeña (When I Was Your Age). Released this month, the Columbian-born singer/songwriter serves-up a new collection of songs witten in English and/or Spanish that directly relate to her own childhood experiences, or that of her own kids. Nathalia says that she did, indeed, drink coffee when she was little, and that her mother most certainly did chase an iguana with a broom. When I Was Your Age also includes songs about dinosaurs, math, birthdays, nightmares and more. You can preview all of her music on her official website.

Have you ever heard the "Finger Family Song?" Despite having two young daughters, I'd never heard of it until today (neither had they) when a new version of the tune (an older version has over 221 MILLION views on YouTube) hit my inbox. The hook for me is that TRANSYLVANIA PETTING ZOO (from Charles Fulp, creator of Preschool Popstars) is a group of pretty cool monsters... and I do love some monsters. Check out the new video below, and check out both Preschool Popstars and Transylvania Petting Zoo on Facebook for more family-friendly tunes.

After a two-year absence, ERIC HERMAN returns to the family music scene on June 10th with the release of BUBBLE WRAP, the first album to feature his new band, THE THUNDER PUPPIES. Today comes the release of the first video from the album, appropriately for the title track. After all, the best part of any package is of course the bubble wrap, and that's something my wife and I see regularly through the actions of our daughters - the power of the bubble wrap compels them! About the new record, Herman says that "All of the songs came together in just over a year, and the process felt exciting, vibrant, and meaningful." Get your first taste below, and if you dig it - pre-order via iTunes or Eric's official site.

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