In honor of Star Wars Day, the team over at Lucasfilm has just unleashed a new clip from Solo: A Star Wars Story. In this new look at Ron Howard's upcoming film, we see Chewbacca and Han Solo taking control of the Millennium Falcon together as pilot and co-pilot for the very first time. Tickets for the film are also now on-sale via Fandango, so get yours ordered today!

Star Wars Day brings forth a ton of surprise announcements, and for 2018 one of those is a new addition to the ever-expanding world of 6' action figures issued by Hasbro as part of The Black Series. My friends at Entertainment Earth (an affiliate) just announced that they'll be stocking a "Fan Channel Exclusive" - the Star Wars The Black Series Admiral Piett 6" Action Figure. Based on Firmus Piett (performed by Kenneth Colley) who appeared in both The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983), this new super-articulated action figure features a removable cap and blaster, and will begin shipping this June.

When it comes to some cool STAR WARS gifts, Hallmark has been a go-to source for many years. We have a dedicated Xmas tree just for their STAR WARS Keepsake Ornaments, and The Rock Daughters have amassed a robust collection of their STAR WARS itty bittys as well. Now comes news of some new and upcoming offerings that will no doubt expand our collection this year, and what better day to showcase them then on STAR WARS day?

Their adventures took place decades apart, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... but Clone Captain CT-7567 and Stormtrooper FN-2187 have a lot in common. The former served in THE CLONE WARS, eventually becoming known as "Rex" and breaking The Empire's control and falling out of sight until former Jedi Ahsoka Tano arranged a meeting between he and the crew of The Ghost in STAR WARS REBELS. In THE FORCE AWAKENS, the latter would break free of The First Order, becoming known as "Finn" and joining The Resistance. Both men were at one point simply a series of letters and numbers in the eyes of their keepers - expendable soldiers in the service of evil. In reality, they were some of the greatest heroes, and kicking off on STAR WARS Day 2016, THE ROCK FATHER Magazine is giving readers a chance to win these characters - each as newly-released action figures from the Hasbro STAR WARS collection!

While STAR WARS Day is officially over, a lot of people like to carry things into May 5th each year by switching "May the Fourth Be With You" into "Revenge of the Fifth," so let's roll with that for a second. My boys from PRODUCT OF HATE (NAPALM Records) recently wrapped their first North American Tour, which found them on the road with ALLEGAEON (Metal Blade). Since the tour wrapped, ALLEGAEON guitarist Greg Burgess has been posting some pretty impressive one-take videos on Facebook, and yesterday's found him celebrating STAR WARS Day with a full suite of John Williams' famous score pieces performed on classical acoustic guitar. There's the "STAR WARS Main Title (Theme)," "Binary Sunset," "Cantina Band," "Imperial March," "Parade of the Ewoks," and the "Throne Room/End Title" in there. Check it out..

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There have been a lot of different plush versions and variations on Han Solo's faithful Wookiee companion, Chewbacca over the years, but what Build-A-Bear Workshop has unveiled today just may be the cutest ever. Revealed for Star Wars Day 2015, "Legendary Chewbacca" is an 18" plush character with electronic sounds. Available in-stores on July 24, 2015, Build-A-Bear Workshop is now accepting online pre-orders, with the promise that orders will ship prior to the in-store street date. Take a peek, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

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