While Seattle might currently be a hotbed for Kids and Family Music, with The Not-Its!, Caspar Babypants, Johnny Bregar, The Board of Education, The Harmonica Pocket, and Recess Monkey being recognized as "The Kindiependent Collective," I can't help but think that it was nearly 21 years ago already that Cameron Crowe's SINGLES came out, rockin' a killer soundtrack that represented a harsher side of Seattle, featuring (among others), ALICE IN CHAINS, who also made an appearance in the film. Now, here I am a parent, and LULLABY VERSIONS OF ALICE IN CHAINS is being released, transforming songs like "Would?" into nursery-friendly jams for the youngest rockers on the planet. The crew at Roma Music Group hit The Rock Father with the full details on their upcoming release, due on August 27th as part of their Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star series. Check out the lullaby version of "Man in the Box" below, along with the clever cover art and tracklisting. Pre-Orders just went live on iTunes, and if you grab it now, the track will be yours immediately!

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The music of Seattle rockers PEARL JAM is getting reworked for baby. It's not the first time it's happened, but next week, the folks at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star are releasing an all-new collection of nursery-friendly jams when LULLABY VERSIONS OF PEARL JAM hits the streets next Tuesday, May 28. Featuring 12 PEARL JAM classics and a TEMPLE OF THE DOG single, the album is up for pre-order on iTunes right now, and you'll receive "Just Breathe" instantly. Stream that track, and check out the full details below, right here on The Rock Father...

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Seattle rockers, THE NOT-ITS! are the band behind the recently-released album, KidQuake! - a record that currently holds the title for "The Rock Father's favorite Kids & Family release of 2013." Will it hold through the end of the year? Time will have to tell on that one, but today comes the release of the second video from the album (see the "Busy" first one, here) with "Let's Skateboard.

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I FOUND YOU! is the sixth album to be released by CHRIS BALLEW of THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (PUSA) under his kindie-rock alter-ego, CASPAR BABYPANTS. Part of Seattle's "The Kindiependent Collective" (alongside Recess Monkey, The Not-Its!, Johnny Bregar, The Board of Education and The Harmonica Pocket), Babypants is known for consistently putting forth high-energy tot rock, and I FOUND YOU! is no exception.

Thursday, February 07 2013 22:20

THE NOT-ITS! - "KidQuake!" (Album Review)

Kindie Rock has it's first major hit of 2013. Seattle's THE NOT-ITS! (part of "The Kindiependent Collective" alongside Recess Monkey, Caspar Babypants, Johnny Bregar, The Board of Education and The Harmonica Pocket) have just released KIDQUAKE!, their fourth full-length album... a foot-stompin', pogo-inducing, guitar-driven rock fest for all.

Seattle Kindie Rockers THE NOT-ITS! have a new record called KIDQUAKE! hitting retail on February 5th, and to get the buzz moving, my friend Jeff over at Out With the Kids launched their new video yesterday. "Busy" is a song "about the chaos of our daily lives," and a rockin' jam at that. I've got a copy of the new record here at HQ, so look for a proper review on The Rock Father shortly. In the meantime, check out the new video from THE NOT-ITS! below...

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