Tuesday, January 21 2014 11:31

Watch and Listen: ERIC HERMAN - "How Big"

Sometimes "new" music comes from unexpected places, and this is one example, hitting my radar this morning via Facebook. The following is a brand-new, animated music video from ERIC HERMAN, based on the song "How Big" from his 2009 album, WHAT A RIDE (Amazon | iTunes). The song and video are dedicated to his late wife, Roseann, who died last June. Watch.... Listen... Share...

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They've been called "The World's Most Dangerous Kids Band," and some hail them as "The Anti-Barney." I say that they rock, and since they're from Chicago via Berwyn, they score even more points as I pen with this virtual ink here in my hidden lair known as Rock Father HQ. I'm talking, of course, about THE BOOGERS, and today this kindie pop-punk powerhouse is bringing their new music video to the masses. I give you, "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt."

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As we close the books on 2013, it's only appropriate that I feature this latest mashup from DJ Earworm. Having started his annual UNITED STATE OF POP series several years ago (2007, I think), they've become a tradition in recapping a full year's worth of pop hits in one masterful mashup.  "United State of Pop 2013 (Living the Fantasy)" was released earlier this month and features 25 of the year's biggest hits, all worked into one mix, complete with a video. It's "clean," too, which makes it family-friendly. Check it out below...

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Sunday, October 20 2013 12:06

Watch: JOSH & THE JAMTONES - "Fill It Up"

jamtonesbearBoston Kindie Rockers JOSH & THE JAMTONES just-released album, BEAR HUNT!  has been spinning for families for a few weeks now, and today I'm sharing their new video for "Fill It Up," the 14th track on that record. They're a band that claims to rock even "Aunt Ethel and Fido the Dog." I don't know either of those people (human or canine), but we should probably all just take their word for it just to be on the safe side. Check out the new video below...

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For Day 17 of 31 Days of Halloween we have something fresh... so fresh that just 24 hours ago it didn't exist online. From TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA comes the music video for "Boo!," a seasonally-appropriate, spooky little jam from their recently-released album, RUBBER BABY BUGGY BUMPERS. Check it out below...

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Wednesday, October 16 2013 18:59

Watch: THE CREEPSHOW - "The Devil's Son"

creepshowdiscToronto rockers THE CREEPSHOW have a new dose of rockabilly goodness online today with the release of their music video for "The Devil's Son." The track comes from their new album, LIFE AFTER DEATH, which hits the streets on October 22nd via Sailor’s Grave Records (U.S.), Stomp Records (Canada) and People Like You Records (Europe). You know, I once wrote a comic book that featured the Devil's son as a villain. Check out the video below...

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