Vampires. Werewolves. Frankenstein's monsters. Sounds like something I have experience with, but today that explains the inhabitants of a fictional, vibrantly-animated nightclub in "Roll Up," the new video from Los Angeles' FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS. The colorful clip featured adorable plush/stuffed creatures of the night having a fine time from the nightclub to the laundromat and beyond. It's today's entry into 31 Days of Halloween! Check it out...

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Nope, you're not having deja vu, though I did say that exact same thing once before. You see, the Halloween season brings with it some perennial favorites, and over the stretch of some years and some past lives, I've had the good fortune to be a part of a few... one of which is PRODUCT OF HATE's UNHOLY MANIPULATOR. Whether you call it a "short film" or a "longform music video," it's a pretty special thing in that it paired the then-unsigned band with HELLRAISER's Ashley Laurence (who'd also appeared in Slipknot's "Snuff") and some big talent behind the camera (see below). And then there's the fact that yours truly handled directing/editing duties. The video gained a life of its own, eventually helping to secure the band a deal with Napalm Records, who issued PRODUCT OF HATE's debut album, BURIED IN VIOLENCE here in 2016. The video itself was originally released independently in 2012, reissued by Napalm for Halloween 2015, and now I'm featuring it in 31 Days of Halloween here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine once more! Evil monsters... wicked clowns... homages to RESERVOIR DOGS, FARGO, and THE WARRIORS... see it below!

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On October 14, two-time GRAMMY nominee Justin Roberts will release his 13th family music album, LEMONADE. “It's the musical equivalent of an impromptu lemonade stand popping up in the summer heat,” says Roberts about the new record, and today we're giving you a first-look at the music video for the title track, right here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine. A sweet and cheery number, "Lemonade" carries its summery-vibe right into fall. Gather the kids and have a look and listen...

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Not long ago, I shared the track stream for "Take Me Down," the first single from the October 21 release of WHO YOU SELLING FOR, the third full-length album by THE PRETTY RECKLESS. Now comes the official video for a song that I've spun many times over here at Rock Father HQ already - a jam from a band that just keeps getting better as Taylor Momsen's voice has continued to mature over the years. This is pure rock, folks - check it out...

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Let me tell you a story about the time a moose, a shark, a chicken and a purple alligator entered a barn somewhere in Canada... 

That was the scene earlier this year when Alberta's Dan Davidson filmed a video for "Found," a single released in May that found an audience this summer, cracking the CMT Top 20 in Canada, and racking up over 320,000 global plays on Spotify. Nearly five months in, the $500 music video is still gaining steam, and now it's starting to make a rumble here in the 'States. Check it out below, along with some of Dan's comments on the experience...

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Monday, September 26 2016 10:01

Music Video: METALLICA - "Moth Into Flame"

Earlier this morning, METALLICA debuted a new song from their forthcoming HARDWIRED... TO SELF-DESTRUCT while making an appearance on the Howard Stern Show. "Moth Into Flame" is a jam, and I'm digging it. It's groovy, and along with the song comes a Tom Kirk (MUSE)-directed music video that's been unleashed via Metallica.com. Update: Check it out in the player below!

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