On July 15, Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS hits theaters, and as the film picks up steam, more GB-goodness has been oozing out like Ectoplasm upon the masses. Today comes another piece of the film's original soundtrack, "Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid)" - an update to Ray Parker Jr.'s classic GHOSTBUSTERS theme, this time performed by FALL OUT BOY featuring MISSY ELLIOTT. While I dig the tune, I'm partial to some other GHOSTBUSTERS covers out there (to be fair, this is more "inspired-by" than a direct cover), many of which I've written about in the past - including those from the likes of MELO-M, HOOBASTANK and LEO MORACCHIOLI.  With #GhostbustersWeek coming to THE ROCK FATHER Magazine next month, you can bet we'll have a playlist in order. Check out FALL OUT BOY's new jam below!

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As I type these words, I'm just hours away from boarding a plane en route to Los Angeles to work the press junket for Disney's THE JUNGLE BOOK, and to attend the film's red carpet premiere at the famed El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Thanks to technology, I've set this to post while I'm cruising at 35,000 feet in the air, somewhere high above the American Midwest. In preparation for Director Jon Favreau's live-action reimagining of the 1967 animated feature (reviewed here), my mind has been loaded with earworms... those from the soundtrack of the original. The iconic music of the Sherman Brothers, along with Terry Gilkyson's "The Bare Necessities" are classic, and over the years, these timeless songs have been covered many times. With that in mind, and using the BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY version of "I Wanna Be Like You" as a jumping-off point (after all, that band and Favreau have the SWINGERS connection), I've curated a new Spotify Playlist that features nearly one hour of the best JUNGLE BOOK covers out there. You'll find FALL OUT BOY, ROBBIE WILLIAMS, THE JONAS BROTHERS, BOWLING FOR SOUP, SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, TONY BENNETT, SELENA GOMEZ and more, all putting their signature styles to the famous soundtrack. Check it out via this link, or in the embedded player below, and for coverage of 2016's THE JUNGLE BOOK, follow #JungleBookEvent on Social Media to check-in with 25 writers on the ground in L.A.!

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GUITAR HERO LIVEOh, how I've missed the classic era of music gaming... and in the Fall of 2015, The New Era of Music Gaming is officially upon us. Just a month after the official announcement that Harmonix was bringing ROCK BAND 4 to stores, Activision has unleashed the first taste of GUITAR HERO LIVE, signaling the return of a rivalry that spanned the music gaming heyday. Where ROCK BAND will be emphasising the "band" (something that GUITAR HERO got into with WORLD TOUR), it looks like Activision and developer FreeStyleGames are taking GUITAR HERO back to it's roots - focusing just on guitar - but with a whole new gaming experience. Check out the details below, including the first-look teaser, and a peek at the new guitar controller...

Today is National Hugging Day (held every year on January 21), and for 2015 (after much deliberation and even more hugging), Baymax, the lovable personal companion robot and star of Walt Disney Animation Studios' Academy Award-Nominated film BIG HERO 6 was today named "Most Huggable Character of 2015"! To celebrate, a new montage of Baymax's "most huggable moments" has been released and can be seen below. According to the Ambassador of Hugs, Kevin Zaborney (founder and creator of National Hugging Day), Baymax humbly accepted the award from his residence in San Fransokyo where he attributed the honor to his “non-threatening, huggable design” and said he looks forward to spending the upcoming year giving and receiving hugs from all.

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FALL OUT BOY has gone through several evolutions already (I still recall their early days here in the North Suburbs of Chicago), and with the release of their latest album, AMERICAN BEAUTY/AMERICAN PSYCHO due out on January 20th, it would appear we're witnessing another. After sampling Suzanne Vega for their recent single, "Centuries," the band has taken inspiration from THE MUNSTERS and Quentin Tarantino films for their newest, "Uma Thurman," sampling composer Jack Marshall's GRAMMY-nominated theme song for 1960s classic to groovy effect. Hear the new track below, and check out the note from FOB's Pete Wentz...

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After emerging from hiatus last year with a new album that was recorded in secret, FALL OUT BOY has kept listeners engaged with a constant stream of videos and live dates. Now, the band has sprung yet another surprise, with the announcement of a new single called "Centuries" that will arrive digitally this Tuesday... or perhaps even Monday, September 8th in some parts of the world. Pre-orders are up now on iTunes, which lists 9/9 as the official release date. Are you curious?

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