It's still strange to think that 2018 will mark the first year without The Great Big Toys "R" Us Book of Awesome here in the U.S. In fact, the name and multiple variations on it are part of the long-awaited TRU IP auction that will hopefully actually take place in October. But what if we did have a 2018 Big Toy Book? Chances are it wouldn't be that much different than our friends to the north, who've just unveiled the Toys "R" Us Top Toy Trends for families in Canada. As they say, "while it might seem early for adults to sing carols and sip eggnog, kids know that Christmas is less than 100 sleeps away!"  So what does Toys "R" Us Canada pick for the Hot Play Trends for the holidays? Let's take a look...

As the saga of Toys "R" Us here in the United States just continues to drone along, it appears that the much-anticipated June 18th intellectual property auction has failed to happen. As filed on June 11, an extension was being sought that would place the auction on August 6, dragging things out for nearly two more months. Up north, however, things are looking bright for the folks at Toys "R" Us Canada, and they've wasted no time in getting things back to fun - welcoming customers with a message that they're "here to play, here to stay!"  With that comes a search for a "fun, energetic tween who loves to play with toys" as TRU Canada kicks off the search for its next Chief Play Officer (CPO). As the spokesperson for Canada's leading dedicated toy product retailer, the CPO is the toy expert for Toys "R" Us Canada and gets to share expert recommendations on the hottest toys and trends with parents and gift-givers from coast-to-coast.

As the remains of Toys "R" Us continue to be sold off for scrap here in the U.S., our neighbors to the north have a much brighter picture... the sale of Toys "R" Us Canada to Fairfax Holdings Limited. The sale keeps the iconic Toys "R" Us brand alive in Canada, along with Geoffrey the Giraffe and Babies "R" Us. TRU Canada is now an entirely Canadian-owned and operated business employing more than 4,000 Canadians as the only exclusive coast-to-coast business with over 80 locations dedicated to kids and babies.

David Milchard is a man of action. While unlikely and perhaps unintended, his connection to the DC Comics Universe is solid - having taken The Dark Archer's ARROW through the chest, only later to be resurrected as someone else on THE FLASH. Jumping into an entirely different fandom altogether, he also found himself working alongside Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester for a pair of SUPERNATURAL adventures, and will soon face the unexplained once more in PARANORMAL SOLUTIONS, INC., a new series that's being touted as "THE X-FILES meets IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA meets THE STATE meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER but waaaaaay better." In many ways, Milchard is living what many kids dream of - the opportunity to play dress-up and make-believe on a daily basis, a continuously-busy and hard-working actor deeply embedded in Vancouver's non-stop creative scene. But David doesn't just do the auditions and wait for projects to arise - he often chooses his own adventures, making them happen with a regular crew of collaborators and co-conspirators. If you've seen him on-screen before, there's a good chance that it was in the massively-viral CONVOS WITH MY 2-YEAR OLD (since updated to CONVOS WITH MY 4-YEAR OLD). While there's much to be said about being a Producer/Director/Writer of a webseries that's already logged more than 61 million+ views, it's Milchard who stars as Coco, the titular child at the center of the series. Now, David goes even bigger with a leading role as Nate Ferraro in RUSSELL MADNESS, a new film from AIR BUD Entertainment and 20th Century Fox. I recently had a chance to speak with David - an interview that eventually became a series of... convos with my 2-year old and 5-year old.

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Is Glam Kindie the next evolution of the family music movement? Perhaps, as Canada's ROCK 'N" RAINBOW prepare to unleash their brand of "extravagant glam rock for families," staking out a March 17, 2015 release date for their debut album, LET'S BOOGIE. Had they been from the 70s, they totally would've been on THE GREAT SPACE COASTER. Check out their counting song, "5 Senses" and the full details on the new record below...

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So, last July, I'm headed for the exit at McCormick Place in Chicago when a rep from Daily's Cocktails snags me and tells me that there's something I need to see... a "free concert," she tells me. I've got time, so I follow her lead into a cavernous ballroom (this place is massive) where the name SIDNEY YORK is displayed on projection screens. I made my way to the front, and took a seat at a table near the stage. What was missing here was a crowd, and that's a shame, but the problem was... no one seemed to know that this concert was about to take place, despite it being held at BlogHer '13, a convention that was being attended by thousands of bloggers, most of which were female, as the name implies. 

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