My friend Sam dropped a link on my Facebook page this afternoon with something quite unexpected - a new STAR WARS fan film called SUMMER '78. Directed by J.C. Reifenberg, this 3½-minute gem captures childhood for many, myself included. The backyard movies... those Kenner action figures... the required Super 8mm camera. Funny enough, those same elements that landed me in a Target commercial for the new toys from THE FORCE AWAKENS (something tells me that's gonna keep coming up for a bit). Thing is, this is an Easter-egg laden short that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated by a certain audience... one largely made up of kids that lived this the first time, and are sensing that "awakening" right now. Take a peek...

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MILKSHAKE's 2013 album, GOT A MINUTE? was a favorite hear upon release last year, and now the Baltimore-based Kindie rockers have released a new music video to go along with it. "Girls Wanna Dance" takes the kindie grooves back to 1975 - a time when live bands rocked-out in front of the kids for a truly memorable "school dance" experience. Check out the new video below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

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There's a million ways to make a meatloaf, and in 37 years, I've sampled a bunch of 'em. Through the good and bad, no matter how tasty the dish, I keep going back to the best meatloaf I've ever eaten - a childhood staple made by my Mother that truly tastes unlike any other I've ever encountered. Since doing food here on The Rock Father is a new-ish thing for me, I decided to get into the background of this meatloaf, and my Mom was kind enough to crack open her recipe books for a look at this (and some other) tasty treats for exploration in my kitchen, and here on the site. Today I'll share the evolution of a special meatloaf that began in the early 1970s as "Pream Surprise Meatloaf," marketed on recipe cards for a forgotten dairy creamer, and how we've updated it for 2013.

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It's 2am on Valentine's Day and I stayed up so I could share the Midnight (West Coast) premiere of "Lover Not a Fighter," the fourth video from MISTA COOKIE JAR & THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS' second album, ULTRAMAGNETIC UNIVERSAL LOVE REVOLUTION. This 1970s-style throwback to the SOUL TRAIN-era features AVA FLAVA and is a Valentine's jam for the whole family. Check out the groovalistic funkiness on The Rock Father below...

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Greetings, Readers! Musicbot 6000 here with an update from WaterTower Music. Official Press Release as follows...

WaterTower Music will release Dark Shadows – Original Score digitally and in stores on May 8, 2012. The album features original music by Grammy Award-winning and four-time Oscar®-nominated composer Danny Elfman, which is featured in director Tim Burton’s new gothic comedy Dark Shadows.

Friday, April 27 2012 12:05

Watch & Groove: B.T. EXPRESS - "Express"

I've discovered that my daughter shares an affection for funk. Despite this site being called The Rock Father,™ you can't be ''all rock, all the time" (well, you could, but that would be boring). You need a well-rounded musical pallete, and I'm hopefully teaching my daughter the ways of The Force so that she'll never become one of those kids that says ''Well I don't listen to that!'' when exposed to different things.  Today's lesson: B.T. Express.

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