Joanie Leeds - BANDWAGONNew York-based JOANIE LEEDS has been busy. In the past thirty days, the singer/songwriter and her band, THE NIGHTLIGHTS, have released a new album, and fourteen music videos to support it. That album, BANDWAGON, has been in regular rotation here at Rock Father HQ for a bit now, a fun, fifteen-song collection of tunes perfect for summer - or a summer road trip with the kids. And I have used it on the road.

Crosspulse Percussion EnsembleThere's weeks here on occasion, where so much music arrives at Rock Father HQ that I can't always remember what showed up, or where it came from. A prime example is I LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU (YES I DO!), the new album from Oakland's CROSSPULSE PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE. Throughout the entire experience of listening to it... enjoying it... and preparing to sit down and share some words about it... I couldn't figure out how it actually arrived here. Eventually I did (thanks to a search of the 14,738 emails in my "deleted items" folder), but now that's beside the point. CROSSPULSE PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE (CPE) have crafted a very interesting record.

Saturday, July 06 2013 23:52

Review: Papa Crow - WHAT WAS THAT SOUND?

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Papa Crow"This is absolutely horrible - I'm about to turn it off," declared my wife as the family hit the half-way mark on "Fart Like A Pirate," the first track on WHAT WAS THAT SOUND?, the five-song "Mini-Album" by PAPA CROW. A quintet of toot-tastic songs dedicated to the art of flatulence (the back of the CD sleeve actually says, "Mini Album #1: Fart Songs!"), perhaps the intent of Crow was to humor the mind of a seven-year-old boy, because the laughs were lost on me.

Earlier this year, while some other parent bloggers were riding the wave of the latest "Anti-Princess" wave (it's like a rash that flares-up a couple of times a year, and has become an industry itself), I declared myself King, and took a completely different stance on the whole situation. My blog entry caught the eye of Melissa Levis, aka "Moey," who just last year released an album called PRINCESS REVOLUTION. While I wasn't familiar with MOEY'S MUSIC PARTY back in January, the past seven months or so have given me ample time to get educated.

Friday, June 21 2013 01:12


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DEEP SEA DIVERWhen Seattle was being hailed as the hotbed of the "Grunge" movement (amongst other fine rock) 20-ish years ago, I doubt that anyone involved could've predicted that "the next big thing" (as everyone just loves to say) would end up being kids and family music. But it is. In fact, there's even this thing called "The Kindiependent Collective" - a rogues gallery of rockers including The Not-Its!, Caspar Babypants, Johnny Bregar, The Board of Education, The Harmonica Pocket, and perhaps the most prolific of the bunch... RECESS MONKEY. Together, these artists are a lot like THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, but individually they have some epic adventures as well. For RECESS MONKEY, their latest voyage takes them to new depths... like Aquaman, but without the fishy smell or green pants.

Monday, March 18 2013 23:26


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Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter PAUL SPRING takes a break from his "grown-up" music on HOME OF SONG, his first full-length entry into the family music realm. Produced by the all-over-everything Dean Jones of DOG ON FLEAS and Joe Mailander of recent GRAMMY winners THE OKEE DOKEE BROTHERS, HOME OF SONG hits stores this week, perfectly-timed with the "official" calendar arrival of Spring. I just wish it felt like Spring, as it's 27 degrees here at Rock Father HQ.

I don't review too many singles here on The Rock Father, and it's probably for the simple fact that there aren't a lot of bands that still release physical singles. For the California trio known as THE HIPWADERS, it's fitting that they do, as their music recalls better days for the music industry - a time when bands would crank out fresh music on a regular basis, serving it up regularly on 7-inch, 45rpm vinyl available only at the neighborhood record store. It's a very 1960s business model.

Wednesday, February 27 2013 17:43

ZEAMU Music (Album Review)

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ZEAMU Music is an interesting beast. Not really a "band," but more of a consciously-assembled musical "project" for kids, Zeamu Music is much like the GORILLAZ for the kindie set. Previously-covered here on The Rock Father last November, Zeamu Music was created by a pair of UK-based "Mumprenuers" (Barbara Bishop and Fiona Case) alongside creative director Simon Case, who brought together a top-notch group of songwriters and performers to craft a family-friendly pop-rock album that's actually sung by children.

Saturday, February 09 2013 15:51

CASPAR BABYPANTS - "I Found You!" (Album Review)

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I FOUND YOU! is the sixth album to be released by CHRIS BALLEW of THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (PUSA) under his kindie-rock alter-ego, CASPAR BABYPANTS. Part of Seattle's "The Kindiependent Collective" (alongside Recess Monkey, The Not-Its!, Johnny Bregar, The Board of Education and The Harmonica Pocket), Babypants is known for consistently putting forth high-energy tot rock, and I FOUND YOU! is no exception.

Funded by 86 backers on Kickstarter and released independently last Fall, ME LIKE ME YOU LIKE YOU is the debut album from Pasadena, California-based Illinois native NICKELLA DEE. The stay-at-home mother of two and "piano teacher to twelve" presents a delightfully surprising collection of thirteen tracks bound to entertain families everywhere.

Thursday, February 07 2013 22:20

THE NOT-ITS! - "KidQuake!" (Album Review)

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Kindie Rock has it's first major hit of 2013. Seattle's THE NOT-ITS! (part of "The Kindiependent Collective" alongside Recess Monkey, Caspar Babypants, Johnny Bregar, The Board of Education and The Harmonica Pocket) have just released KIDQUAKE!, their fourth full-length album... a foot-stompin', pogo-inducing, guitar-driven rock fest for all.

Tuesday, December 04 2012 01:03


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They've been called "The Anti-BARNEY," "THE WIGGLES' worst nightmare," and "The World's Most Dangerous Kids Band." Quite simply, the BOOGERS are a Chicago-based trio that cranks out high-energy punk rock for kids (and their grownups) that rules. Having previously written reviews of their 2008 debut, ROAD TO ROCK, and it's 2010 follow-up, LET'S GO!, the release of EXTRACTUM VICTORIS marks the first time that I've been able to review a BOOGERS record upon street date. Out this week on Spire Records, how does album number three stack-up against it's predecessors?

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