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Ozomatli presents OzoKidz (Album Review)

One of those bands that defies the rules of typical classification, Ozomatli has long bent genres with their funky blend of rock, hip-hop, and latin grooves. Chances are, even if you don't know Ozomatli, you've likely still heard Ozomatli and bumped along to their soundtrack-staple, "Saturday Night" on occasion. Still not sure? Check this and come back. Sound familiar? Now, Ozomatli has entered the kindie realm with the release of Ozomatli Presents OzoKidz.

Whether you want to call it a "Hurricane" or a "Superstorm," the weather event known as "Sandy" left a path of destruction that is beyond belief. One of the many areas facing massive clean-up is the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, and on November 11, the Hip Tot Music Festival will host a Famiyl Fundraiser to benefit the Red Hook Initiative for Sandy Relief Efforts. Music will be by The Itty Biddies.

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On December 4, the BOOGERS will serve up their third batch of punk rock for kids when EXTRACTUM VICTORIS hits the streets. It's no secret that the BOOGERS are well-respected here at Rock Father HQ (check reviews of their first two albums here and here), so when word came in today that the band has a new video, you can bet that I was excited to share it. Below the break you can check out "Pandas Are Dangerous," a song with an important message for the whole family.

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After bursting onto the Kindie Rock scene with their 2008 album, ROAD TO ROCK (review here), Chicago's BOOGERS followed it up with another excellent batch of RAMONES-inspired punk rock on 2010's LET'S GO! (review here). Now, on December 4, 2012, the BOOGERS will return with their third album, EXTRACTUM VICTORIS. The Rock Father has the cover art and tracklisting for you below...

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Connecticut-based Children's Author, Musician, Teacher, and self-professed "all around cool guy," Ryan SanAngelo has assembled a brand-new collection of family-friendly fright songs for Fall. AUTUMN THEMES AND HALLOWEEN SCREAMS (out now on Little King Press) contains 20 super-short sonic blasts that clock in at a combined 34 minutes.

This coming Tuesday, the nearly-unclassifiable Ozomatli will bring their sound to the kindie world with the release of Ozomatli presents OzoKids. Those with a participating independent record store nearby (sadly, not us) will want to pick up the album along with a special box of sidewalk chalk that contains a download code for a bonus track, "Vamos A Cantar." But that's not all... there's a special contest, too.

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