The Fifth Annual Kindiefest will be taking place in Brooklyn next month (April 26-28), for the first time happening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), who will be co-presenting the Family Music Conference and Festival in their brand-new, state-of-the-art music venue - The BAM Fisher (321 Ashland Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217). As always, Kindiefest will combine an industry networking conference with a public fest in which kids and grownups alike can sample some great music.

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Seattle rockers, THE NOT-ITS! are the band behind the recently-released album, KidQuake! - a record that currently holds the title for "The Rock Father's favorite Kids & Family release of 2013." Will it hold through the end of the year? Time will have to tell on that one, but today comes the release of the second video from the album (see the "Busy" first one, here) with "Let's Skateboard.

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Monday, March 18 2013 23:26


Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter PAUL SPRING takes a break from his "grown-up" music on HOME OF SONG, his first full-length entry into the family music realm. Produced by the all-over-everything Dean Jones of DOG ON FLEAS and Joe Mailander of recent GRAMMY winners THE OKEE DOKEE BROTHERS, HOME OF SONG hits stores this week, perfectly-timed with the "official" calendar arrival of Spring. I just wish it felt like Spring, as it's 27 degrees here at Rock Father HQ.

I don't review too many singles here on The Rock Father, and it's probably for the simple fact that there aren't a lot of bands that still release physical singles. For the California trio known as THE HIPWADERS, it's fitting that they do, as their music recalls better days for the music industry - a time when bands would crank out fresh music on a regular basis, serving it up regularly on 7-inch, 45rpm vinyl available only at the neighborhood record store. It's a very 1960s business model.

Chicago kindie rockers POOCHAMUNGAS are prepping to release a new album later this year, and as they move toward unleashing their full-serving of rock upon the masses, the band has issued a new single as a FREE DOWNLOAD. "My Favorite Summer Day (Block Party)" might seem more appropriate for July, but in March it's a tool for "thinking warm thoughts." Stream the track (along with others from the band) and grab your free download in the widget below. You can also click here for a direct link should the widget be slow to load.

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It's been a very long time since I did a "Toddler Jukebox" column here on The Rock Father, but now the time has come to dust it off as a regular feature. When I did the first couple, I had an actual toddler in the house, but with Addie now a preschooler and Finn still an infant, I'm questioning the use of "toddler" in the name. The original concept was that Addie would grab a CD from the archives here at Rock Father HQ and I'd be forced to listen to it as an opportunity to revisit some songs from days long since passed. While I might still have the kids pull random selections on occasion, I'm looking at this as a way to revisit the past through my little ones - some pre-Fatherhood rock explored with a new generation. What better way to start then with an album called AGES 3 AND UP?

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