Joanie Leeds - BANDWAGONNew York-based JOANIE LEEDS has been busy. In the past thirty days, the singer/songwriter and her band, THE NIGHTLIGHTS, have released a new album, and fourteen music videos to support it. That album, BANDWAGON, has been in regular rotation here at Rock Father HQ for a bit now, a fun, fifteen-song collection of tunes perfect for summer - or a summer road trip with the kids. And I have used it on the road.

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Review: Papa Crow - WHAT WAS THAT SOUND?

Papa Crow"This is absolutely horrible - I'm about to turn it off," declared my wife as the family hit the half-way mark on "Fart Like A Pirate," the first track on WHAT WAS THAT SOUND?, the five-song "Mini-Album" by PAPA CROW. A quintet of toot-tastic songs dedicated to the art of flatulence (the back of the CD sleeve actually says, "Mini Album #1: Fart Songs!"), perhaps the intent of Crow was to humor the mind of a seven-year-old boy, because the laughs were lost on me.

Earlier this year, while some other parent bloggers were riding the wave of the latest "Anti-Princess" wave (it's like a rash that flares-up a couple of times a year, and has become an industry itself), I declared myself King, and took a completely different stance on the whole situation. My blog entry caught the eye of Melissa Levis, aka "Moey," who just last year released an album called PRINCESS REVOLUTION. While I wasn't familiar with MOEY'S MUSIC PARTY back in January, the past seven months or so have given me ample time to get educated.

Friday, June 21 2013 01:12


DEEP SEA DIVERWhen Seattle was being hailed as the hotbed of the "Grunge" movement (amongst other fine rock) 20-ish years ago, I doubt that anyone involved could've predicted that "the next big thing" (as everyone just loves to say) would end up being kids and family music. But it is. In fact, there's even this thing called "The Kindiependent Collective" - a rogues gallery of rockers including The Not-Its!, Caspar Babypants, Johnny Bregar, The Board of Education, The Harmonica Pocket, and perhaps the most prolific of the bunch... RECESS MONKEY. Together, these artists are a lot like THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, but individually they have some epic adventures as well. For RECESS MONKEY, their latest voyage takes them to new depths... like Aquaman, but without the fishy smell or green pants.

Chicago-area Kindie act, SCRIBBLEMONSTER, is serving up a SHARK SANDWICH this week. You can have a bite for free, but if you like it... you might want to make a contribution that will go toward making even more music. What I'm saying here is that ScribbleMonster's new EP, SHARK SANDWICH, was just released on iTunes last week, but if you'd like to "try before you buy," you can grab the whole thing as a FREE DOWNLOAD via Noisetrade. If you dig it, you can then leave the band a tip. Check out the widget below...

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JOANIE LEEDS is putting me in a weird spot. On June 25th, she'll be releasing the latest album with her band, THE NIGHTLIGHTS, when BANDWAGON hits retail. The problem is that Ms. Leeds has decided to release 14 music videos this month - one every other day - leading up to the release of the album. What that means is that I'll have to pick and choose which ones to feature here on The Rock Father... though it's possible I might feature them all in one post at the end. In the meantime, check out the first video, "I Love NY"... then keep your browser tuned to Joanie's Facebook Page for the "Joanie Takes June" video explosion...

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