Another week, another outrage. Parents love to get all bent out of shape about marketing these days, but sometimes the subject of the anger is just so ridiculous that any point in arguing becomes mute. Prime example: SKECHERS' recent line of "Daddy's Money" (styled as "Daddy'$ Money" with a Ke$ha-like "$") shoes. Mom Bloggers, Dad Bloggers, "Journalists" and pretty much anyone with keyboard full of virtual ink seems to be taking shots at the Skechers campaign this week, with many wondering "What kind of message" is being taught to girls about these colorful kicks with a "hidden" high heel inside.

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On March 13, NICK LACHEY will digitally release A FATHER'S LULLABY, his first foray into the family music realm. The album will see a physical release in April, with CDs to be made available at Toys "R" Us, Target, and Walmart and more though Mattel subsidiary Fisher-Price, in association with Mood Entertainment. Full details on the new record arrived here at Rock Father HQ today, and I've got it all for you below, along with some adorable cover art.
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