Father's Day is a special day for me, not because we "need" a holiday to celebrate being a Dad (I do that every day), but because of the significance that this weekend will forever hold for us personally here at Rock Father HQ. It was two years ago today that I flipped the switch on this website and posted my first entry as THE ROCK FATHER. While this site celebrates it's 2nd Anniversary, this weekend also marks my 4th Father's Day as a Dad, and more importantly, the 1st Birthday of my youngest daughter, who turned one yesterday. Yep, she rocks so hard that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had to copy us and pop out their little one on June 15 as well.

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Rock Father Rides is a new section of The Rock Father that's devoted to Automotive Coverage for the Octane-Obsessed Family... from toy cars to real rides.

While I'd like to think that I've always had a penchant for cars with a bit of style, speed, and perhaps a dash of the sly and sinister, the reality is that function and dependability has always reigned supreme when my final buying decision was made. After all, back in '97, I bought a new Ford wagon (and slapped a "bra" and sport wheels on it to make it look "cooler") because it got good mileage and was able to perfectly fit my Peavey Half-Stack in the back, along with room for my guitars when I was still in a band on a regular basis. Now, as a parent, my vehicular needs have to account for other factors that accommodate a family of four. Earlier this month, the crew over at Mazda USA asked if I'd take their new Mazda3 for a spin and put it to The Rock Father test. And test it, I did... but I might not be the most important reviewer...

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Inspired by his own family's experience with childhood leukemia (his daughter was diagnosed in July of 2012), Boston's ALASTAIR MOOCK has assembled a new collection of sing-a-longs - SINGING OUR WAY THROUGH: SONGS FOR THE WORLD'S BRAVEST KIDS. The crowdfunded album has raised over $27K-to-date, blasting it's way past the initial goal of $10K that will be used to benefit children's hospitals and childhood oncology programs (Alastair has already donated to Boston Children's Hospital and the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang camp in CT).

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Father's Day is June 16, and in the interest of helping all of you find a special gift for the METAL-loving Dad in your life, The Rock Father and Adrenaline PR are giving readers a chance to score a METAL DAD PRIZE PACK featuring three new books that are perfect gifts and great summer reading. One lucky reader will receive LOUDER THAN HELL: The Definitive Oral History of Metal, THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS, and Till Death: A Guide to Love and Loss . Details on all three books along with your chance to enter can be found below...

This is a month of milestones here at Rock Father HQ. Not only will The Rock Father website officially turn two on Father's Day, but the day before that - my youngest daughter, Finley, will turn one. Being a big month for Dads as a whole, the folks at Lake County Magazine (which covers life here in the far Northern Suburbs of Chicago) have published a "Men's Edition" to follow-up the Mom-centric issue they put out last month. The cover story? Stay-At-Home Dads... and I'm one of three featured. 

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With the Emmy-Nominated THE AQUABATS! SUPER SHOW! making a triumphant return to The Hub for Season Two (airing Saturdays at 1pm ET | 10am PT), THE ROCK FATHER caught up with Drummer RICKY FITNESS and Co-Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director JASON deVILLIERS to get the low-down on the Bats' latest and future adventures on the screen (and the stereo!), along with some rock-infused discussion about possible AQUABATS! Action Figures, secret weapons, and hidden rooms within the Battle Tram. And, with Father's Day fast-approaching, these three "Rock Fathers" have to show some love for their kids...

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