2015 has been a big year for important cinematic anniversaries (BACK TO THE FUTURE - 30; JAWS - 40; HOME ALONE - 25; THE ADVENTURES OF FORD FAIRLANE - 25), but when it comes to the Fall season, Tim Burton's EDWARD SCISSORHANDS is the big one. This 1990 film falls into a realm that I tend to think of as being the most "Burtonesque" - coming just two years after BEETLEJUICE, and just four years prior to A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS - straddled by BATMAN and BATMAN RETURNS. A dark, yet comedic Gothic fairy tale, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS would be met with acclaim, going on to become a true classic, and one that's enjoyed year-round, despite its Halloween-y feel. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS has just been re-released by 20th Century Fox in a 25th Anniversary Blu-ray edition that has secured a place in my annual 31 Days of Halloween...

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I graduated high school in 1994. That was also the year that I joined my first official band (a power trio called Odlid! - wanna hear?), and as someone in the Facebook group for our forthcoming 20-year High School Reunion recently pointed out - a little movie with Ben Stiller, Ethan Hawke and Winona Rider also came out that year... REALITY BITES (the 20th Anniversary Blu-ray comes out in April).  Two decades later, it's arguable what's been more memorable: the movie, or the hit single it's soundtrack spawned, "Stay (I Missed You)" by LISA LOEB and NINE STORIES.

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