Netflix #StreamTeamI always say that it's a sorta odd thing that we only have one true Netflix profile, despite the availability of Netflix Kids, and the fact that I, as a card-carrying writer in the Netflix #StreamTeam, should certainly have one of my own. Bottom line is that the Netflix AI (artificial intelligence) tends to think that "James" wishes to watch a completely bipolar assortment of family programming... or highlight inappropriate for kids stuff. Fact is, The Rock Daughters still dominate our Netflix profile, and the time has come once more to throw down a few choice picks for mid-October (for kids and grownups alike). Let's go traveling down the rabbit hole and off broadway, cool?

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TeeFuryWhat do PREDATOR, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, THE WALKING DEAD, Slimer from GHOSTBUSTERS, THE EVIL DEAD, the Minions of DESPICABLE ME, Jack Skellington from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, Freddy Krueger from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's IT, the Death Eaters from HARRY POTTER, the guys from SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and The Headless Horseman of SLEEPY HOLLOW have in common? Well, aside from all being pretty cool on their own, all of these icons of the spooky season have become the subjects of limited-edition pop culture mashups from my friends at TeeFury. For a limited time (through 10/17/2014) TeeFury is offering these spook-tacular t-shirts for men, women and children for just $15 each as The Halloween Collection.

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Folks that visit The Rock Father regularly know that there's quite a bit of content that could be considered "fandom" oriented. There's a lot of crossover between things that I dig and things that my children dig... and I know that applies to a lot of you as well. As parents, we infuse our little ones with a lot of what we're into, but at the same time, they influence us. One company that's on the pulse of that is OffWord Designs, a local outfit here in Chicagoland that manufacturers killer t-shirts for the whole family (kids and grownups). If you've visited a comic or gaming convention recently (C2E2, Dragon Con, Gen Con, even SDCC) you might've run into them. With their new website launched this week, OffWorld Designs and The Rock Father are giving a couple of lucky readers a chance at some new threads. Let's look at some of what they do...

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