It's been released a few times over the years, but since new audiences are always discovering THE MUNSTERS, it's no wonder that Universal Studios Home Entertainment has dusted off the cobwebs (or put them back on) for a fresh release on DVD. THE MUNSTERS: The Complete Series is a 12-disc set that preserves the undead antics of Herman, Lily, Eddie, Grandpa and Marilyn as a 1960s family that was ahead of their time.

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Netflix #StreamTeamI always say that it's a sorta odd thing that we only have one true Netflix profile, despite the availability of Netflix Kids, and the fact that I, as a card-carrying writer in the Netflix #StreamTeam, should certainly have one of my own. Bottom line is that the Netflix AI (artificial intelligence) tends to think that "James" wishes to watch a completely bipolar assortment of family programming... or highlight inappropriate for kids stuff. Fact is, The Rock Daughters still dominate our Netflix profile, and the time has come once more to throw down a few choice picks for mid-October (for kids and grownups alike). Let's go traveling down the rabbit hole and off broadway, cool?

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FALL OUT BOY has gone through several evolutions already (I still recall their early days here in the North Suburbs of Chicago), and with the release of their latest album, AMERICAN BEAUTY/AMERICAN PSYCHO due out on January 20th, it would appear we're witnessing another. After sampling Suzanne Vega for their recent single, "Centuries," the band has taken inspiration from THE MUNSTERS and Quentin Tarantino films for their newest, "Uma Thurman," sampling composer Jack Marshall's GRAMMY-nominated theme song for 1960s classic to groovy effect. Hear the new track below, and check out the note from FOB's Pete Wentz...

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Netflix Stream teamWhen it comes to Thanksgiving, it's one of the Holidays that I put on my B-list - a sort of inconveniently-placed day that falls in-between the two greatest Holidays of the year - Halloween and Christmas. It's become easier for us in recent years, but Thanksgiving has traditionally been the gateway into the massive headaches of the "when do we have to be where?" season, where getting together with family turns into arguments about why you can't physically be in several locations at once, and why work schedules largely dictate the can and cannots. But, there is still plenty of good to be had, ushering in the day with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and settling in for some prime viewing on Netflix. While I'm generally more inclined to skip right into the Christmas specials (our tree has been up for over a week already), here's some fun (and off-the-wall) turkey-tinged treats to check out this week!

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The action figure-slinging badasses over at Diamond Select Toys hit The Rock Father with news on some of their latest goodies, the perfect way to help expose your kids to the glory of THE MUNSTERS. Following-up two successful runs of figures from the classic TV series, THE MUNSTERS SELECT Series 3 is the "HotRod" series - a new collection of figures, each packed with a piece required to build their famous staircase, complete with Eddie's buddy, Spot. Check 'em out below.

The folks over at Diamond Select Toys hit The Rock Father with details on some upcoming Minimates this afternoon, complete with photos. Among the new offerings are figures and vehicles from THE MUNSTERS, STAR TREK (the original series), and a special version of SANTA CLAUS... on a pirate ship. Are any of you collecting these? Check out the details below...