I really need to get back into comics... not just reading them, but as a creator and writer. My personal foray into that realm was brief (as was the existence for the publisher I worked for), but the couple of books I did create have been made available on Amazon as Kindle Editions (they're FREE!) and oddly enough, they still hit the charts (DEATH WALKS THE STREETS #1 is currently number #13 in horror - tonight). I miss regular reads, and often times, catching up via Trade Paperback is the way to go (I still like to hold a real book), and tonight I spotted some upcoming releases that I'd like to highlight here on THE ROCK FATHER. Actually, I think we'll make this a regular feature. 

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Thursday, October 31 2013 14:22

Watch: Full Trailer for The LEGO Movie...

It's BATMAN, SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN, and the GREEN LANTERN together on the big screen for the very first time. It's ABRAHAM LINCOLN, GOD, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, ROBIN HOOD, THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, a GHOST, and HAN SOLO, coming together for one very special adventure. Yes, Warner Bros. built The LEGO Movie, and the first full-length trailer has arrived. Check it out below...

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The casting of BEN AFFLECK as BATMAN in the forthcoming SUPERMAN/BATMAN team-up might be old news at this point, but today I've got some Bat-related news that is also... old news. Sorta... But it's probably new to you!

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Back to School. I do believe that this is the very first Back to School post that I've ever done on The Rock Father. While we didn't have a real "break" since we kept her in activities this summer at the same place... with the same teachers... and mostly the same class... our oldest will be Back to Preschool this Fall, and that got me thinking about one of the coolest aspects of the season: New supplies. That said, I'd been looking at lunch boxes (and totes and bags) and decided to compile some of my favorites here on the site. Take a peek at the list below. I've even given you some rock to listen to while browsing...

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Get ready, LEGO fans. The folks at LEGO have announced that THE LEGO MOVIE is getting a transmedia merchandising rollout that puts it on-par with Summer Movie Blockbusters. While LEGO building sets are a given (and there will be 17 of them - one of which will debut at San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday), a Video Game, and a whole lot more will be arriving for kids and grownups alike. Check out the full details below, right here on The Rock Father.

If you've logged into Facebook or Twitter today, you probably know what today is. Yes, it's International STAR WARS Day (May the Fourth Be With You!), but being the first Saturday in May, it's also FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Last year was the first year I'd blogged about FCBD here on The Rock Father, and some of you might recall that it was pretty disappointing. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2013? The complete opposite - it was excellent. It also started a little bit early...

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