Last week, the folks at Hulu gave us an early preview of Jim Henson's DOOZERS, with my little ones and I enjoying five episodes right here at Rock Father HQ. Like many of you who are parents now, I grew up in the 1980s, and the original HBO run of FRAGGLE ROCK was a big part of that experience. It was immersive, imaginative, and something special that became unforgettable. While the Fraggles may have been the namesake stars, I always wondered about the Doozers. Their architecture and engineering skills were always impressive (and according to the Fraggles, delicious), but I don't think it was ever really revealed why they were building all of those radish-flavored structures.

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The Rock Father is a member of the Netflix Stream TeamThrowback Thursday: That weekly celebration of those old photos, life experiences and more often than not, a look back at our youth. As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, one thing that I've noticed is that all of those things can come into play, which is why I'm doing a #TBT Edition Netflix post this week, and while I highlight a few throwbacks worth watching, I'll also give you a shot to score three months of streaming for FREE... and let you know how you can find ME on Netflix. What? You thought that THE ROCK FATHER was only existing in your computer? Nope, I'm on Netflix, too!

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NETFLIX Stream TeamLast month, a mysterious new program appeared parked in the virtual garage over at Netflix. TEAM HOT WHEELS appeared for viewing, but what exactly was this 22-minute episode? With my two car-obsessed girls at my sides, we pressed play and opened the doors to "Larry's Garage" to check out this new adventure, based on Mattel's long-running line of diecast cars... the same ones that we have several hundred of here at Rock Father HQ. The show - focusing on four, go-kart riding kids that transform into TEAM HOT WHEELS to cruise a world lined with bright, orange track - was a ton of fun, but it played like a "pilot episode," and a quick web search came up largely dry. Today, that mystery has been solved.

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