At Toy Fair in New York this past February, one of the interesting things spotted in Funko's massive booth was their line of Savage World action figures. These 5.5" figures are familiar in shape and stature to anyone who played with Masters of the Universe toys back in the 80s, or the REMCO toys that "borrowed" the distinct body style of Mattel's more famous collection. Among the prototypes were some familiar characters that were being sculpted in the style of perhaps their greatest enemies of the era... former competitors in the action figure aisle. Thundercats have been officially brought into the Savage World, and if the He-Man influence isn't obvious enough, just check out the environment being used to display these figures - that's a tweaked and re-painted Evil Horde Fright Zone playset (which I used to have!)... a lair that used to be home to Hordak! The first wave is coming, and my affiliates at Entertainment Earth have the figures available for pre-order...

1997 was a pretty good year. It was the year I met (and was soon engaged to) the girl who would eventually become my wife, and it was also a big year for toys. I was actually working for Walmart at the time, and I remember the original Tamagotchi craze like it was yesterday. It came in an era when Tickle Me Elmo and Pokemon were also possible subjects to the infamous "Do you have _____?" that retail workers were getting slammed with on a daily basis. Now, in an era where toys like Hatchimals encourage kids to nurture electronic pets, the return of 1997's digital pet looms, with the 20th Anniversary Edition of the original Tamagotchi set for release on November 5, 2017 in limited quantities via Bandai America. But, like other recent retro comebacks (NES Classic and such), this Tamagotchi is a miniature version of the original device.

Update: Sold the truck, and what a miserable experience it has been. Buyer turned out to be a seller at toy shows, and decided to send me harassing messages since I can't mystically control the USPS shipping process - despite having a tracking number available that showed transit progress.

Last week, the girls and I did something that we rarely do - we stopped at a garage sale. Truth be told, we actually turned around to go back to a garage sale we'd already passed, just because I'd spotted some big, old TONKA Trucks sitting out there. The sale was actually at a construction company, so it was pretty perfect that they'd have toy construction gear, but most of the TONKA stuff (some dating back to the 60s) was in pretty rough shape - except for one. With the sandbox in mind, the girls and I selected a completely working 1991 TONKA Mighty Crane that still has a lot of play left in it. As I put it in the trunk, the guy came over and pointed out the shell of an old Buddy L truck, and something I'd never seen before... a flatbed truck labeled "Johnny Express." I wasn't really interested at first, but when he showed me a box of parts for it, I figured it was worth a shot - again with the sandbox/outdoor play in-mind. I had no idea I was purchasing a legend.

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TeeFuryWhat do PREDATOR, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, THE WALKING DEAD, Slimer from GHOSTBUSTERS, THE EVIL DEAD, the Minions of DESPICABLE ME, Jack Skellington from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, Freddy Krueger from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's IT, the Death Eaters from HARRY POTTER, the guys from SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and The Headless Horseman of SLEEPY HOLLOW have in common? Well, aside from all being pretty cool on their own, all of these icons of the spooky season have become the subjects of limited-edition pop culture mashups from my friends at TeeFury. For a limited time (through 10/17/2014) TeeFury is offering these spook-tacular t-shirts for men, women and children for just $15 each as The Halloween Collection.

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