Having worked on movies in my "past lives," I would've never imagined that becoming a parent and starting this website would pull me back into that world, working things in a different capacity - from a different angle - and being placed into a position where others could share in the experience virtually through all of the social networks. But that's what's happened, and one of my biggest supporters with THE ROCK FATHER Magazine has been The Walt Disney Company, regularly inviting me to cover their projects (bringing me into Los Angeles on Mickey's dime, disclosure and all) and be a part of their promotional efforts. While each adventure is different, each is equally as exciting in its own way (though attending the Global Press Event for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS may not be topped for me), and what's happening next week is no exception. I will join 24 other writers in L.A. for the #JungleBookEvent, interviewing the filmmakers and talent from the upcoming live-action reimagining of THE JUNGLE BOOK (in theaters April 15), an adventure that will be culminating in attending the red carpet premiere at the El Capitan Theatre - but that's not all...

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My Mickey Mouse thumbprintAround this same time last year, I sat here in my office looking at the calendar and realized that my travel plans for the year were shaping-up to look an awful lot like routing for a tour. With "The Rock Father" as my moniker, and serving as publisher of this site of the same name, everything came into focus that I should look at my adventures as just that, and the #RockFatherTour was born. By the end of 2014, I'd logged more miles than any other of my 38 years, and my work had morphed from a "U.S." to a "North American" Tour. Of those missions, four of them led me to The Golden State, one of which was my first of the year.

To kick off the 2015 Rock Father Tour, I'm excited and privileged to announce that I'm going back to where it all started almost exactly one year ago, Walt Disney Studios and ABCMy old pal, Mickey Mouse has been kind enough to fund another big adventure (disclosure and all) on which I will be part of a group of 25 entertainment writers and bloggers that will have the opportunity to meet with the talent and creatives behind several new projects from the Disney family of companies including McFARLAND, USA (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures), TINKER BELL AND THE LEGEND OF THE NEVERBEAST (DisneyToon Studios), BIG HERO 6 (Walt Disney Animation Studios), FRESH OFF THE BOAT (ABC) and BAD HAIR DAY (Disney Channel). While I'll be bringing back some in-depth coverage to be posted as features in the weeks ahead, I'm inviting all of YOU to follow along and take part in the journey online as it happens. Want to know the details?

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THE ROCK FATHER is a 2014 Step2 Brand AmbassadorI didn't realize it until recently, but in 2014, I have already logged more travel miles and visited more cool locales than in any other year in the 37-ish that I've been roaming the planet Earth. Thing is, I'm not done yet - and as I type these virtual words to appear on your computer/device screen, there's other adventures already on the books for the four months ahead. The most recent journey on my 2014 #RockFatherTour was a special one, and a trip that was a little bit different than most - an adventure back to Northeastern Ohio, staying in Cleveland and spending some time in the neighboring town of Streetsboro - home of The Step2 Company, who I've been working with for nearly two years - first as a "Test Driver," and most recently, as one of 10 paid Brand Ambassadors. Along with five fellow Ambassadors (a few couldn't make it this time around), this was our first time working with Step2 in-person, taking meetings and going hands-on with some of the latest products (for kids and grownups!) that are hitting the market now, and all the way into Fall of 2015. If you've ever wondered "Where the Toys Come From," I have your answer...

Last week, as I began taking a real look at my calendar for the next year, I started to realize something... that my adventures were shaping up a bit like routing for a band. With "The Rock Father" as my handle here in this world of cyberspace and virtual ink, it became both crystal clear and very appropriate that that I needed to call this something: THE ROCK FATHER - 2014 U.S. Tour. But, instead of playing music (as I've been known to do in the distant past), I'll be blogging... bringing all of YOU the best in pop culture and entertainment for the whole family, from different cities around the country. The kick-off is a big one, as next week I will return to Los Angeles, this time as a guest of The Walt Disney Company, who so graciously invited me to join some other fantastic bloggers and writers in promotion of two hotly-anticipated home video releases: THE PIRATE FAIRY, and the massive hit, FROZEN. As I journey inside WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS for a series of adventures, I'm asking YOU to join me as I document the experience, and meet with the filmmakers behind the magic.

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