PBS KIDS VIPHere's a Rock Father fact that most people don't know: In 1987, while in Fifth Grade, I became an award-winning author... a "Young Author," to be exact. After penning a short story called THE LITTLE CHAMP (which I'd later come to find out was a very technically-inaccurate portrayal of a race horse), I got to represent my school at the Illinois Reading Council's Annual Young Authors' Conference at Illinois State University. Fast-forward about 27 years, and I'm a parent, and through my relationship with PBS KIDS, am helping to spread the word about getting other kids writing for the annual PBS KIDS Writers Contest. TONIGHT (March 18, 2014), I will be co-hosting the #PBSKIDSWrite Twitter Party, and I'd love it if you could join!

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PBS KIDS VIPEarlier this week, I posted an entry about attending the kindergarten open house at the school where my oldest daughter will begin a new era of learning adventures this Fall. Evidently, I wasn't the only one thinking ahead to the next school year - specifically being ready to have a kindergartner in our midst. Just yesterday, PBS KIDS released the results of a "School Readiness Survey," and the results showed concern from parents of children ages 2-6 when it comes to social and emotional skills, along with basic reading and math in terms of getting kids prepped and ready to take that next step. Here's some numbers, along with some tips on school readiness from the PBS KIDS Team...

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PBS KIDSI've long noted that one of the biggest assets of DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD is the music. Since day one, long before I started working with PBS KIDS as one of their "Very Involved Parent" bloggers, whenever we'd watch Daniel Tiger and his friends, it always struck me that the music just makes you feel good. When I found out that there was an album out called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Life's Little Lessons (iTunes | Amazon), I bought it immediately, and it's been on my computer and Windows Phone ever since. Now there's a holiday-themed follow-up, and it's all based on one of the most recent episodes. PBS KIDS presents: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Snowflake Day EP (Amazon | iTunes) is available now, and features five new songs with guest vocalist, Matt Dusk.

PBS KIDS VIP BloggerHey neighbors! I have some Grr-ific news this morning from PBS KIDS. On February 25, 2014, PBS Distribution will release DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD: Daniel’s Big Feelingsand DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD: Life’s Little Lessons” for the first time on DVD. As most of you know, Daniel Tiger and his friends have been a part of our daily routine since the day they premiered, so it goes without saying that we're excited to hear that these are being released (at one point, I had the entire series on our old DVR). Check out the details below...

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PBS KIDS VIPOn November 27th, the Holiday Season kicks off on PBS KIDS with the return of THE CAT IN THE HAT KNOWS A LOT ABOUT CHRISTMAS! - the smash hit that scored big with families last year, with over 3.6 million tuning in, and another 27 million streams! From there, PBS KIDS will be presenting all-new Holiday episodes of DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD and THOMAS & FRIENDS, along with the new SESAME STREET special, ELMO'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN. Pair those with encore presentations of Holiday favorites from CURIOUS GEORGE, ARTHUR, and SHALOM SESAME, and the season certainly looks bright. I've got the full run-down on all the PBS KIDS goodies, right here on THE ROCK FATHER. Start setting those DVRs!

75 Years ago, "The Panic Broadcast" took place. It was then that a 23-year-old ORSON WELLES performed THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, a radio drama broadcast as part of THE MERCURY THEATRE ON AIR. Based on H.G. Wells' 1898 novel of the same name, Welles and his crew managed to cause panic across America as unknowing listeners began to believe that aliens had really descended upon the small town of Grovers Mill, New Jersey. For Day 29 of 31 Days of Halloween here on The Rock Father, I'm featuring PBS AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: WAR OF THE WORLDS, which premieres tonight on PBS. Check out a preview below...

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