Netflix Stream teamWhen it comes to Thanksgiving, it's one of the Holidays that I put on my B-list - a sort of inconveniently-placed day that falls in-between the two greatest Holidays of the year - Halloween and Christmas. It's become easier for us in recent years, but Thanksgiving has traditionally been the gateway into the massive headaches of the "when do we have to be where?" season, where getting together with family turns into arguments about why you can't physically be in several locations at once, and why work schedules largely dictate the can and cannots. But, there is still plenty of good to be had, ushering in the day with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and settling in for some prime viewing on Netflix. While I'm generally more inclined to skip right into the Christmas specials (our tree has been up for over a week already), here's some fun (and off-the-wall) turkey-tinged treats to check out this week!

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Netflix Stream TeamOn June 6, Netflix will release the second season of their original series, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. Getting the hype train rolling, a series of new character posters have arrived online, and they should be popping up on bus shelters throughout the country very soon. You can check them out below, right here in the "For Grownups" section of THE ROCK FATHER, and be on the lookout for another batch to be issued later this week...