We're entering final countdown stage as we head toward Halloween 2016, and for me that means that prime time to start watching the scarier stuff has arrived. For those who may be unaware, I have something of a "horror movie" past. You'd have to do some digging to find it, but I played a supporting role in one that was released in 2009... I used to do some work for a horror mag... and actually penned a few screenplays that were once set to become movies, but ended up spawning comics instead. Having kids changed my focus quite a bit, and with the exception of a few music videos that I've directed in recent years, for the most part I've moved the frights into the "seasonal" category, choosing to enjoy them as part of my annual Halloween rituals. As a writer for the Netflix #StreamTeam, I feel it's my civic duty to share some frightful finds for you to stream & scream in the last week prior to Halloween... but some aren't too scary, as I've got suggestions for the whole family.

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It's no secret that I do love VOLTRON, and knowing that the folks behind DreamWorks Animation's VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER feel the same way, my appreciation of the work just grows stronger. Today comes the official word straight outta New York Comic-Con (NYCC) that Season Two will premiere on Netflix on January 20, 2017. Some new pics of the series have been issued, the new action figures and vehicles from Playmates should probably debut at New York Toy Fair in February, and there's also a Season Two teaser that was released via IGN - a clip that will be familiar to those who attended SDCC this past summer. Take a look...

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Netflix #StreamTeamThis Friday, the Mesozoic Era continues when Season 3 of DreamWorks Animation’s DINOTRUX premieres exclusively on Netflix.  This season Dinotrux introduces cool new species and brings back all of your favorite characters. Ahead of the Season premiere of a favorite here at Rock Father HQ, THE ROCK FATHER Magazine is pleased to debut an exclusive clip - "The Destruction of Dozer's Mound!" Check it out below...

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Friday, September 30 2016 23:02

Now that Disney is on Netflix... a Look Ahead

Netflix Stream TeamLast week, the day that many were waiting for finally arrived, with some fresh content from The Walt Disney Company making it's way to Netflix. Now, Disney on Netflix is not a new thing (titles have been there before), but per an agreement made a few years back and now officially enacted, the floodgates are slowly beginning to open for recent releases. In fact, all 2015-2016 theatrical releases from Disney will be headed to Netflix at some point in the near future, with Walt Disney Animation Studios' ZOOTOPIA making the big splash, along with other recent fare like THE FINEST HOURS. So what else can we look forward to? A ton of great films from Disney, MARVEL, Pixar, and yes, even Lucasfilm...

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Wednesday, August 31 2016 08:34

STRANGER THINGS 2 is coming...

Despite my gig as a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I'm behind on one of 2016's most buzzed-about hits, STRANGER THINGS. In truth, I got a couple of episodes in and then stopped thinking my wife might want to watch it, but time slipped away from me. As I attempt to catch-up on the 80s-inspired goodness, those who already made it to the end and are craving more can get excited: STRANGER THINGS 2 is coming in 2017, and it will be 1984 all over again...

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THE ROCK FATHER is a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and a Promotional Partner for DreamWorks Animation

It was exactly one year ago this week that I first shared The Rock Daughters™' love of Dinotrux here on THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine. In the time since, the Netflix Original Series from DreamWorks Animation has maintained its status as a must-watch, its profile growing well beyond the walls of early adopters like ourselves, and spreading far and wide as kids and families have entered the Mechazoic Era, where giant creatures that are half-dinosaur/half-construction vehicle help to shape the landscape while teaching valuable skills like friendship and teamwork. If your kids are ready to Trux it Up, the tools you need  for a party are all readily available at this point! From Mattel's fantastic line of Dinotrux toys to a full assortment of Free Printables, everything you throw a Dinotrux Birthday Party is ready to rock! Happy Birthday, Dinotrux!

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