THE ROCK FATHER is a member of the Netflix Stream TeamNetflix is getting Lalaloopsified. On October 10, the streaming service will premiere LALALOOPSY GIRLS: WELCOME TO L.A.L.A. PREP, the recent Nickelodeon hit mini-movie that scored big among kids ages 2-11. Based on the new toy line, Lalaloopsy Girls features some fan-favorite Lala characters "all grown up." This new Lalaloopsy Girls special joins other Lalaloopsy titles that are available for viewing on Netflix right now.

Check out a clip, along with some other Lala news below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER!

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I was just telling my wife about this one the other night, not even realizing that it wasn't formally announced yet, but now the little furry creatures are officially out of the bag: THE POPPLES are back. Originally introduced as toys and an animated series back in 1985, Saban Brands is bringing the adventures of these little furballs (who transform from fuzzy balls into friends and then "pop" back again) to NETFLIX as an all-new, 26-episode animated series set to debut in 2015.

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The Rock Father is a 2014 Member of the NETFLIX Stream TeamAfter kicking around for over a decade, TRAILER PARK BOYS are back for an eighth season, this time as a NETFLIX Original. Bubbles, Ricky and Julian - perhaps Canada's best-known trailer-dwelling misfits  - just stopped by JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! last night to discuss the new season of the show, along with the highlight of their West Coast jaunt, meeting Bigg Snoop Dogg himself.

Check out a clip from Kimmel, along with the TRAILER PARK BOYS Season 8 Trailer below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER: #ForGrownups...

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The Rock Father is a member of the Netflix Stream Team"Daddy, why do you always watch movies late at night?" That was a question posited by oldest daughter a few days ago. "I can hear the noise from them coming from your office." She's got me there, and just solidified why I should be wearing headphones after hours. See, lately I've been streaming movies to my laptop while I do work from the desktop... including right now, this very second as Adele sings the theme song to James Bond's SKYFALL to my right, while I type these words and see them appear on the screen to my left. While my days have been spent largely preparing for the start of school this week, my nights are filled with work... and lately, action. Explosive action, the kind that just seems right for the end of summer, and in the time-honored tradition of action flicks finding their audience on home video, Netflix is keeping that torch raised high. For my August column as a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, here's some of what I've been watching this month... and these picks are #ForGrownups only. 

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Netflix Stream TeamAhhh yes, the end of July. As many of you know, the annual Comic-Con International just wrapped-up in San Diego this past weekend, bringing together the best in pop culture fandom under one roof. While I was not there, I still covered some of the news here on THE ROCK FATHER, all while intently keeping an eye on all things super - because, at the end of the day, it's still Comic-Con, and while it's everything entertainment at this point, the event has a history rooted in the panels of comic books. With that in mind, I'm putting a post-SDCC spin on my Netflix #StreamTeam column this month, highlighting some comic-based, heroic content for you to enjoy with the family on nearly any device.

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#TRANSFORMERSweekI was around eight years old when TRANSFORMERS (aka "Generation One" or G1) first hit the scene in 1984. I can't recall which came first for me - the cartoon or the Hasbro Toys, but they went hand-in-hand, and I have vivid memories of watching the show and then bringing the adventure into my home with the action figures and vehicles, many of which have special stories of their own, like when I recalled getting JetFire back in this feature from last year. They were truly "More Than Meets the Eye," and it's been a joy to share their stories with my own kids. One of the unique things about TRANSFORMERS is how it's evolved to reach children of all ages, starting with the preschool-aimed TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS, which airs regularly on the Hub Network, and into the realm of TRANSFORMERS PRIME, BEAST HUNTERS and, of course, the live-action films from Michael Bay. One place to catch a lot of those shows at any time is Netflix (yes, I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team - "disclosure" and all, plus I'm actually their June Member of the Month!), so for my June Stream Team Spotlight, I'm highlighting all the Autobot Vs. Decepticon action that Netflix currently has to offer!

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