I've mentioned Jim Henson’s EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS many times in the past, if only because it's one of my all-time favorite holiday specials - one that I watched on HBO more times than I could count as a child. Now comes news that it's coming back to DVD on October 10 (pre-order via Amazon) from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment as a 40th Anniversary Edition, fully-remastered for a new generation.

It's odd for a new toy announcement to land in my inbox at 11:15 on a Friday night, but the folks at Diamond Select Toys hit me with a new product listing tonight that had a few things to pique my interest. The main one, however is the reveal of Muppets Minimates Series 2, set for release in the summer of 2016. Thing is, I somehow missed the announcement that there was a Series 1 slated for spring... or the fact that Muppets Action Figures should be arriving around May. Yes, ABC's MUPPETS is a growing hit at this point, but Kermit and the gang are timeless - and not since the fabled Palisades Toys line of the early 2000's (mine currently being played with by The Rock Daughters) has there been this much Muppets excitement in toy form.

With THE MUPPETS heading back to television on ABC this Fall, it's no surprise that there's some pretty cool Muppets goodies in the pipeline for the months ahead. From The Bradford Exchange comes this lighted LED Cuckoo Clock representing the classic, 1970s version of THE MUPPET SHOW. Produced under license from Disney, it runs just shy of $200 and definitely taps into the interest of longtime Muppets fans like myself...

On my visits to The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios, I've noticed the life-sized FIX IT FELIX JR. machines (perhaps the same machine) in two different locations. Built to promote the release of WRECK-IT RALPH back in 2012, the FIX IT FELIX JR. games are based largely upon DONKEY KONG JR., and present a true throwback to classic arcade gaming. The girls and I recently made a Papercraft FIX IT FELIX JR. machine using printer paper and a template found on DeviantArt (an alternate plan exists on Disney's official site). The end result is a little sloppy, but it's perfectly-scaled for 3 ¾" action figures, and inspired this photo. "Meanwhile at The Walt Disney Studios Offices..."

On Friday, April 3, Disney Junior will debut MUPPET MOMENTS, a new short-form series of amusing conversations between Muppets and young kids about everyday topics including "apologies," "favorite foods" and "manners."   Kermit the Frog, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Pepe the King Prawn, Animal and other beloved Muppets will all star in the series, which will premiere on Disney Channel with four shorts on Friday (8:25 a.m., 8:55 a.m., 9:25 a.m. and 9:55 a.m., ET/PT), followed by a new short rolling out daily through Friday, May 8. Check out "Let's Eat" below, along with a hypothetical look at what would happen if the Muppets were to audition for other Disney Junior series' such as DOC McSTUFFINS, SOFIA THE FIRST, or JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES...

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Download Muppets Most Wanted Recipes & Secret Identity It's long-been established that I've been a fan of THE MUPPETS practically since birth, having seen THE MUPPET MOVIE (1979), THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER (1981) and THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN (1984) on the big screen, not to mention being a regular viewer of whatever Muppets goodness I could catch on television - from SESAME STREET and THE MUPPET SHOW to FRAGGLE ROCK, MUPPET BABIES and EMMET OTTER's JUGBAND CHRISTMAS, just to name a few. I've even counted myself as a big fan of 1999's generally unappreciated MUPPETS FROM SPACE, so when The Muppets became a part of The Walt Disney family, I was excited to hear they'd be headed back to cinemas after a 12-year absence with 2011's THE MUPPETS. Thing is, as a parent, I don't get to hit the theatre nearly as much as I'd like to, and thus I ended up buying it for my little ones on Blu-ray, and when MUPPETS MOST WANTED rolled around this year... I missed the big-screen experience once again. That's ok, though, as the folks at Disney sent us the film on the just-released Blu-ray Combo Pack, and my girls are now old enough that by the time the next sequel rolls around, we'll be able to see it in the theater as a family...

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