TeeFuryPop culture mashups are always a lot of fun, and TeeFury has been one of the leaders when it comes to putting those mashups on your chest in the form of a t-shirt.

Known for their limited-time offerings of just 24 hours a pop, once in awhile a shirt comes back by popular demand, and that's just what happened with "Another Brick in the Wall," a design mashing the iconic multi-colored bricks of LEGO with the title of the 1979 album and 1982 film by PINK FLOYD.

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Well this comes out of left field, yet could be a home run. Yes, I'm feeling punny tonight, but after coaching a full season of Pee Wee Baseball this year, I'm still in a sorta ballpark vibe, and when news slid into Rock Father HQ about a partnership between KISS and Major League Baseball, you can bet I was interested. Epic Rights (rep for KISS) teamed with MLP licensee Liquid Blue for a new clothing line called PLAY BALL WITH KISS. The initial run of mashup t-shirts features the iconic band as players for a dozen MLB teams, all themed around the DRESSED TO KILL album art

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Well this is interesting. What could've been a Mashup Monday entry arrived here at Rock Father HQ on a Tuesday, and now I'm sharing it with you on Wednesday. Covers Wednesday, as EXCISION & DOWNLINK have teamed up to offer a FREE DOWNLOAD of "Rock You" - their take on the iconic QUEEN classic, "We Will Rock You." Complete with a Freddie Mercury vocal sample, the track can be streamed or downloaded via the Soundcloud player below.

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For today's Mashup Monday, I'm spinning things back about three years for "Hairbangers," a mashup by Fissunix and DJ Schmolli that brought together Willow Smith and Kreator. It's a classic as far as I'm concerned, and one that I've shared elsewhere in the past. In fact, it has a certain vibe or metallic perfection, and I was really hoping to find something newer with the same vibe to share with you in 2014, but alas, there has been none. Should you know of a quality (and I do mean, quality) mashup involving metal, feel free to let me know. In the meantime, let's whip some hair once more...

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Kicking off 2014's new series of "Mashup Mondays" here in the "For Grownups" section of The Rock Father is one of my favorite mashups of the past year. From DJ Lobsterdust comes "Bring Your Own Luck," a track that combines the funk groove of DAFT PUNK's PHARRELL WILLIAMS-led hit, "Get Lucky," with the unmistakable vocals of SYSTEM OF A DOWN's SERJ TANKIAN from "B.Y.O.B." While I might feature others periodically, I'm planning to feature at least one killer mashup here on The Rock Father every Monday throughout the year. Let's rock...

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As we close the books on 2013, it's only appropriate that I feature this latest mashup from DJ Earworm. Having started his annual UNITED STATE OF POP series several years ago (2007, I think), they've become a tradition in recapping a full year's worth of pop hits in one masterful mashup.  "United State of Pop 2013 (Living the Fantasy)" was released earlier this month and features 25 of the year's biggest hits, all worked into one mix, complete with a video. It's "clean," too, which makes it family-friendly. Check it out below...

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