I've been known to purchase a shirt from Teefury on occasion. They do limited edition $10 tees that are only available for 24 Hours each - then they're gone forever. Known for their pop-culture mashups (I have one that blends THE DUKES OF HAZZARD with BACK TO THE FUTURE), they've posted a shirt today that caught my eye as I do a little surfing while the munchkin is at her "2's and 3's" pre-preschool this morning. If you like GHOSTBUSTERS and STAR WARS, this one's for you...

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The folks over at TeeFury are known for their super-cool, limited-edition mashup t-shirts that are offered on a 24-hours-only basis. What they have today is something super-cool and super-cute if you're into both STAR WARS and WINNIE THE POOH... specifically James Hance's WOOKIE THE CHEW artwork. Take a look at the full artwork below and see if you agree that it's about the cutest Death Star you've ever seen, complete with a little Chewy and R2-D2. If you like it, click here to get yours for only $10, but keep in mind that you only have until tonight to grab one!

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I haven't played an old-school ''fighting'' game in years, but this makes me wanna get going on that again. Personally, I've always been more of a STREET FIGHTER guy myself, but this audio/visual mashup from British electronic duo ADDICTIVE TV finds the pair doing battle against both STREET FIGHTER and TEKKEN inhabitants. Something interesting to start your Monday off? Perhaps...

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