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Entertainment EarthAs MARVEL Studios' CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER hits theaters this weekend, the crew over at Entertainment Earth (an affiliate of this site) are celebrating with a one-week-only sale that offers 20% off all in-stock CAPTAIN AMERICA Collectibles (good through April 8), with everything from Hasbro Action Figures to Funko Pop! Heroes, clothing items and household goods up for grabs (you know you need a 'Cap glass, right?). But if you're wondering how THE WINTER SOLIDER leaves things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of the next movie, August's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, the upcoming toys might hold some clues.

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"They have every Disney Golden Book ever made. I had that one... and that one... and this one right here." Those were the thoughts running through my head last month as I browsed a selection of books held within The Walt Disney Archives in Burbank, California. Just a few weeks prior, when I learned (and later announced) that I'd be flying out to Los Angeles to meet up with the Disney crew for a variety of projects (a trip that Disney paid for in full), I'd visited my own archives, specifically, a silver tote in my garage that holds a variety of keepsakes from the earliest years of my life. Mickey Mouse and his friends were a huge part of my life back then (pictures here), and now they are again, as I raise my daughters... and continue my own adventures in media. To think that a little kid that was making Mickey Mouse thumbprint art in the 1970s would be exploring the heart of the Disney empire in 2014... it's still completely hard to wrap my head around.

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On April 4, 2014, the next chapter of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe will unfold in theaters everywhere, when CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLIDER hits the big screen. This week, the third TV spot began airing, and a new activity pack has been released as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Want some coloring sheets featuring Captain America, Nick Fury and the Black Widow? Download them as a printable PDF via this link, and check out the new spot below...

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Wednesday, March 05 2014 20:01

Review - THOR: THE DARK WORLD (Blu-ray)

While I try to review all materials objectively, it's impossible for me to avoid noting that THOR has traditionally been my least favorite member of THE AVENGERS' A-list tier. Despite the excellent job that Chris Hemsworth has done in portraying the character in numerous films as a part of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, the 80s kid in me still can't shake two things that helped shape my flesh-and-blood idea of the Mighty God of Thunder: 1988's made-for-TV THE INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS (featuring what may have been the first "legit" live-action Thor), and 1987's ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING (which had a whole Thor subplot). That said, Hemsworth's version of THOR has made me warm up a bit toward the character, and that made me eager to check out his latest big-screen adventure, THOR: THE DARK WORLD.

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Wednesday, February 19 2014 10:39


Last night, MARVEL debuted the first trailer for director James Gunn's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. For those unfamiliar, this tale takes the MARVEL Cinematic Universe to new (and weirder) locales far beyond the superhero action that casual fans are used to, following the adventures of some colorful and very alien characters. Earlier this week, I previewed the new line of action toys that Hasbro was showing off at New York Toy Fair (see them here), and now, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, the new trailer can be viewed below. Check it out...

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