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For a new generation of STAR WARS fans, Disney XD's animated series, STAR WARS REBELS has been "a first step into a larger world." While The Rock Daughters were already familiar with the original STAR WARS Trilogy thanks to their parents (quite strong in The Force, we are), it's was REBELS that really threw the doors wide open and created a pair of hardcore STAR WARS fans. Set in the years between REVENGE OF THE SITH and A NEW HOPE, STAR WARS REBELS has provided new adventures with a new cast of characters - often interacting with some fan favorites from the live-action films that have been delighting audiences for the past forty years. While there has been quite a bit of different merchandise released featuring characters from STAR WARS REBELS, this checklist focuses on Hasbro's classic 3¾" action figures, vehicles and playsets (carrying on the tradition that Kenner started 40 years ago)- along with the ever-popular "Black Series" of collector-focused 6" figures and accessories (and a few extras). Look for this list to be updated frequently with new items (and soon pictures) as the collection continues to grow.

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Lucasfilm's ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY is one of the most anticipated films of 2016, and one of the most interesting trips that fans have ever take to a galaxy far, far away. The first live-action theatrical film to take place outside of the numeric "Saga," Gareth Edwards' ROGUE ONE is a straight-up "war" movie set in the time period immediately preceding 1977's STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE, presenting for the first time, the tale of the Rebels who stole the plans for the Imperial Death Star. Launched September 30, 2016 and rolling out well into the winter months, a new collection of STAR WARS toys based on ROGUE ONE will hit retail, and while countless licensees will be in on the action, here at THE ROCK FATHER Magazine we're presenting a series of STAR WARS Checklists, this one focusing on Hasbro's classic 3¾" action figures, vehicles and playsets (carrying on the tradition that Kenner started 40 years ago)- along with the ever-popular "Black Series" of collector-focused 6" figures and accessories. If you'd like to keep track of what's available or coming soon from these lines, this is the place to be!

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When you think of Hot Wheels, you might not automatically think about the real-world physics and planning that goes into each car. Things get even more complicated when the project is a collaboration between icons, and that's been the case when it comes to Mattel and Lucasfilm working together on several lines of diecast vehicles with roots in a galaxy far, far away. After a massive success with the Hot Wheels STAR WARS Character Cars (see my checklist here) and Starships, now comes the launch of CARSHIPS (just-launched checklist here!) at Comic-Con International (SDCC). With a stellar Trench Run Exclusive being offered at SDCC, the Hot Wheels team is back in force, with a full-size, drivaeble 1:1 X-Wing Fighter Carship on display. This ride is inspired by the X-Wing Fighters of the classic STAR WARS Saga, but paired with a dragster to form a functional race car that can actually perform in real-life, while the Hot Wheels 1:64-scale version is one of the fastest Hot Wheels cars to date, able to "fly" down the Orange Track! Check out the new vehicle in action below, along with a behind-the-scenes video and gallery showcasing the build.

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Disney Consumer Products just hit THE ROCK FATHER Magazine with official images of the first toy from ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY - Hasbro's STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES Jyn Erso (Jedha). The six-inch figure will be released later this year, alongside a full range of new toys and products from the first-ever live-action standalone STAR WARS film, Gareth Edwards' ROGUE ONE. Check out the pictures of star Felicity Jones getting a first look at her figure, along with pack shots straight from the Hasbro team! ROGUE ONE is in theaters on December 16, 2016.

At the in-progress STAR WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE in the UK, Lucasfilm leader Kathleen Kennedy just unleashed a special reel of behind-the-scenes footage from Garth Edwards' forthcoming film, ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY. This is the first-ever standalone STAR WARS film that falls outside of the episodic timeline, taking place just before the opening moments of 1977's STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE. This is the tale of the Rebels who stole the plans for the Death Star, and a story that will once again bring Darth Vader back to the big screen. Check out the reel below...

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Hot Wheels STAR WARS Carships Checklist

Mattel's collaboration with Lucasfilm to create diecast vehicles with roots in a galaxy far, far away dates back to 2014, and without a doubt the major success has been the line of Hot Wheels STAR WARS Character Cars (view the checklist here). Now comes the next chapter, with the summer 2016 SDCC debut of Hot Wheels STAR WARS Carships! Launched with the release of an exclusive set for SDCC, more Carships have been racing into retailers and flying off the pegs. For the spring of 2017, new packaging featuring the STAR WARS 40th Anniversary branding began hitting stores.

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