There's a new earworm in town this evening, and it comes from an unlikely source - Lalaloopsy. A new live-action music video inspired by MGA Entertainment's Lalaloopsy Girls doll line just been released, and you could say it's SEW infectious... or, it certainly is here at Rock Father HQ. I've already had both of my girls on my lap requesting it ("Play it again!"), and after watching it three times, they were upstairs singing the chorus and dancing with sunglasses on while they should be in bed getting rested for school. Speaking of "school," this new video features the girls rocking the halls of L.A.L.A. Prep (Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts), where they attend magical classes like Glitter 101 and Cloud Sculpting, busting out moves from choreographer JaQuel Knight (Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera). Stitched Together….Friends Forever. Check it out below...

Whether you're into belly badges, mice on trains, cats in hats, talking rag dolls, anthropomorphic turkeys, or wacky space knights based on toys, this week offers up an interesting assortment of new DVD and Blu-ray releases for kids and family. The music side of things is a little light, but new records from Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo Crew, along with Jazzy Ash also hit the streets. Take a look at the highlights from this week's Family Media Releases below, right here on The Rock Father!

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Straight out of the American International Toy Fair in New York City comes news that MGA Entertainment, Inc. and Nickelodeon have partnered to launch 52 episodes of the animated preschool series LALALOOPSY.  Set to debut this Spring on Nickelodeon, this new series is based on the popular Lalaloopsy line of toys. 

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