Netflix #StreamTeamI've said it before, and I'll say it again: My "recently-watched" and "recommended for" sections of my Netflix dashboard are completely dominated by children's programming. Yes, as a card-carrying member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I'm more than aware that I could choose "KIDS" as a sign-in option, or create a new profile just for the munchkins - but I'm never one to take the easiest path, so I roll with it. While I bring you news on Netflix content periodically throughout each month, my formal column for May falls firmly in the hands of THE ROCK DAUGHTERS, Adalyn and Finley. What are they watching (with guidance from Mommy and Daddy)? Let's just say that a few of this month's choices are very close to my heart as well...

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Lalaloopsy SEW Important PersonIt's official - Lalaloopsy is down with the king... Burger King, that is! For the first-time ever, Lalaloopsy is in a kid's meal, and now through June 25 (or while supplies last), families can find Lalaloopsy accessories - a necklace, compact, key chain or hair clips - in specially-marked Burger King kids meals. To celebrate the launch, my friends at MGA Entertainment and I are teaming-up once more (THE ROCK FATHER is a Lalaloopsy SIP: SEW Important Person Ambassador) to give readers a shot at winning four (4) Lalaloopsy Minis! Enter for your shot at toy glory below!

LalaloopsyEarlier this month, Lionsgate released LALALOOPSY: FESTIVAL OF SUGARY SWEETS on DVD. For those who haven't picked it up yet, it's airing on Nick Jr. Saturday, March 28th at 2pm ET/PT - so set those DVRs! Now, in addition to the newly-release Lalaloopsy Littles (I have a chance for you to win those - through 3/31 - here), MGA Entertainment released a new doll that's pretty unique: The Stretchy Hair Doll. As a Lalaloopsy SIP (Sew Important Person) Ambassador, my girls and I went hands-on with this new doll that allows kids to stretch her hair over three times it's normal length.

LalaloopsySpring is finally here, and so are some new Lalaloopsy adventures! New on DVD from Lionsgate is LALALOOPSY: FESTIVAL OF SUGARY SWEETS (in-stores now, and airing on Nick Jr. Saturday, March 28th at 2pm ET/PT), and with that comes some Sugary Sweet new dolls - including an all-new series of Lalaloopsy Littles. As a Lalaloopsy SIP (Sew Important Person) Ambassador, I'm pleased to give all of you a look at the FESTIVAL OF SUGARY SWEETS, and a chance to win one of the new Lalaloopsy Littles Dolls!

David Milchard is a man of action. While unlikely and perhaps unintended, his connection to the DC Comics Universe is solid - having taken The Dark Archer's ARROW through the chest, only later to be resurrected as someone else on THE FLASH. Jumping into an entirely different fandom altogether, he also found himself working alongside Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester for a pair of SUPERNATURAL adventures, and will soon face the unexplained once more in PARANORMAL SOLUTIONS, INC., a new series that's being touted as "THE X-FILES meets IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA meets THE STATE meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER but waaaaaay better." In many ways, Milchard is living what many kids dream of - the opportunity to play dress-up and make-believe on a daily basis, a continuously-busy and hard-working actor deeply embedded in Vancouver's non-stop creative scene. But David doesn't just do the auditions and wait for projects to arise - he often chooses his own adventures, making them happen with a regular crew of collaborators and co-conspirators. If you've seen him on-screen before, there's a good chance that it was in the massively-viral CONVOS WITH MY 2-YEAR OLD (since updated to CONVOS WITH MY 4-YEAR OLD). While there's much to be said about being a Producer/Director/Writer of a webseries that's already logged more than 61 million+ views, it's Milchard who stars as Coco, the titular child at the center of the series. Now, David goes even bigger with a leading role as Nate Ferraro in RUSSELL MADNESS, a new film from AIR BUD Entertainment and 20th Century Fox. I recently had a chance to speak with David - an interview that eventually became a series of... convos with my 2-year old and 5-year old.

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Lalaloopsy SIP (Sew Important Person)Ready for a day that will be Sew-much fun? To celebrate the launch of Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Dolls, MGA Entertainment has declared March 6, 2015 as #CrazyHairDay, and by taking part in all the fun YOU could win some really cool prizes from Lalaloopsy (more on that in a minute)! Curious what these Crazy Hair Dolls are all about? As a 2015 Lalaloopsy SIP (Sew Important Person) Ambassador, my girls got a full set of four dolls to evaluate and style here in The Rock Father's State-of-the-Art Toy Testing Facility (our house), and it became a true family affair. Below the break you can check out Scoops Waffle Cone (styled by Addie), Jewel Sparkles (styled by Finn), Cinder Slippers (styled by my wife, Jen), and Confetti Carnivale (styled by yours truly).

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