Now this is really cool. Having spent a lot of time on my Grandparents' farm as a kid, that lifestyle had a big impact on me, and I share that with my children today through the Gardening we do here at Rock Father HQ. While we may not have a full-scale farm (I'd love that), growing veggies and teaching the girls has been a real joy. Now comes word that FARMING SIMULATOR is coming to XBOX 360 and PS3 next month after a successful run on PC. I'm digging the idea of learning about farming through console gaming. Take a peek below...

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Little PimIf you're not familiar with Little Pim and are interested in working with your children to learn a foreign language, you definitely should be. I've mentioned the multi-platform language learning system here on The Rock Father before, and I've been dabbling with their French and Spanish sets here at Rock Father HQ. I say "dabble" because I've yet to be able to devote the time I really need to into it, but I'm getting there. I want my girls to learn early, and Little Pim has a fantastic program to do it, complete with music (DAN ZANES and MILKSHAKE appear on the Spanish disc we have), books, DVDs, flashcards, Apps and more, all geared toward kids from birth-six. But now they have an additional project in the mix that they could use a little help funding a Holiday e-Book for Kids called AROUND THE WORLD WITH LITTLE PIM. They're looking for $12K and are about halfway there on Kickstarter* with just 11 days to go. If you're inclined to help, you'll get some pretty cool products in return. Let's take a look.

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When Fall arrives, one of the first things we always look forward to is new Halloween specials and video releases. While 2013 feels like a really light year on that note, one new collection that's a must-have for little ones is THE HALLOWEEN COLLECTION: Volume 2, from the excellent, and ever-expanding Scholastic Storybook Treasures line from Weston Woods/Cinedigm/New Kideo. This 3-Disc DVD Box set features 14 classic tales ripe for the halloween season, and manages to encourage learning along with bringing the not-so-scary frights.

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PBS KIDS VIPToday is the day... after months of waiting, PEG + CAT will make it's debut on PBS KIDS (check your local listings for times)! The latest offering from The Fred Rogers Company seeks to bring young viewers a new way to experience math through Peg and Cat’s relatable, and often hilarious, adventures. Each PEG + CAT episode features original songs and fascinating stories in which Peg and Cat encounter a problem that requires them to use math and problem-solving skills in order to move forward. To bring the experience beyond the television, PBS KIDS has launched several interactive PEG + CAT features, including the rockin' PEG + CAT BIG GIG APP, 11 online games, and numerous offline activities. I've got details on all of them, right here on The Rock Father!

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SproutDo you have a kind kid at your house? If so, you can help Chica and my friends at Sprout in their goal to reach 1 Million Acts of Kindness! With just 408,454 acts reported as of this writing, time is running out as the clock ticks down to the September 30th goal. Additionally, your child could be Sprout's Kindest Kid. Families are asked to provide a photo and short description at this location explaining how their child helped the family, a friend, the community, an animal, the Earth or any other positive everyday contributions. 

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PBS KIDS VIPOn Friday, September 27, the residents of DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD will meet a new friend when Chrissie, Prince Wednesday’s 6-year-old cousin makes her first visit to The Neighborhood of Make-Believe in an all-new episode, "Daniel's New Friend/Same and Different." Chrissie plans to visit the Neighborhood frequently, and will appear on future episodes of the hit PBS KIDS show.

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