As my girls start to get older, it's interesting to take a look at the toy aisles to see what piques their interest in terms of the world around us. Addie (almost five) has started asking questions about other cultures and ethnicities, and while there's a few things here and there, with certain characters dropped into established brands, I hadn't really seen a toy line that is blatantly seeking to educate kids about other cultures outside the U.S.

Now comes Global Girl, a new collection of 21" Fashion Dolls and Companion Books, each representing one of six countries...

Magic CabinLast Fall, a catalog for a place called MAGIC CABIN arrived in the mail here at Rock Father HQ unexpectedly. I'd never heard of it, but was immediately enthralled by unique, and extraordinary array of children's products they had available. What they were offering really hit my soft spot for imaginative play and educational entertainment, and when Christmas rolled around, my wife and I told a few people that almost anything from the catalog would be great for our little ones. Fast-forward to Gardening season (one of my favorite times of the year), and the folks at Magic Cabin have some unique offerings once more, and I'm going to highlight some here on THE ROCK FATHER in the weeks ahead. Up first: The Gardens to Grow by Child Sized Garden Planters. They're raised gardens for kids, and the come in a set of two.

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Last week, the folks at Hulu gave us an early preview of Jim Henson's DOOZERS, with my little ones and I enjoying five episodes right here at Rock Father HQ. Like many of you who are parents now, I grew up in the 1980s, and the original HBO run of FRAGGLE ROCK was a big part of that experience. It was immersive, imaginative, and something special that became unforgettable. While the Fraggles may have been the namesake stars, I always wondered about the Doozers. Their architecture and engineering skills were always impressive (and according to the Fraggles, delicious), but I don't think it was ever really revealed why they were building all of those radish-flavored structures.

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PBS KIDS VIPDANIEL TIGER's NEIGHBORHOOD brings fun lessons to families every day on PBS KIDS, and with Earth Day fast-approaching (Tuesday, April 22), Daniel Tiger and The Fred Rogers Company have come up with a list of five ways your family can "Go Green" (even if it's just a little bit) each and every day. It's important to teach kids to care for our planet, and here's some great conversation starters...

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Tuesday, April 08 2014 21:47

Is Your Child Ready for the Next Grade?

With my oldest daughter about to enter kindergarten this Fall, I'm constantly thinking about it... and wondering if she's ready. No matter how much we do, no matter how prepared I think we are, I don't know. I hope she's ready, but I tend to worry about such things. Now it's on my mind once more, as some news hit my inbox from Lakeshore Learning, who will release a new series of games called the Are You Ready? Game Show on April 15.. This series is aimed at helping kids Kindergarten through Fifth Grade prevent summer learning loss, while helping their grownups be aware of what skill areas need work. Check out the video below...

PBS KIDS VIPSpring is finally here, and as the thunder rolls (remind you of Garth Brooks?) here at Rock Father HQ this morning, I just keep thinking of the old saying, "April showers bring May flowers." While we eagerly await the arrival of sunny days and some much-needed time in our garden, there's a couple of new DVDs that have been helping get the Spring vibe going with my little ones. CAILLOU'S GARDEN ADVENTURES (review here) and WILD KRATTS: BUGGING OUT, each bring nearly an hour of educational fun to families, with new collections of the PBS KIDS hit series'. Better yet, PBS Distribution and THE ROCK FATHER are getting five (5) lucky readers hooked up with a prize pack that includes both of these new collections!

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