When DIE HARD hit theaters in the summer of 1988, no one would've expected that the film would become a perennial favorite... at Christmastime. Released in July, but with the action taking place on Christmas Eve, DIE HARD became a cultural phenomenon that launched a franchise, turned Bruce Willis into an action hero, and brought some boom to the holiday season. The Christmas vibe was back when DIE HARD 2 arrived in 1990, and while the next three installments avoided seasonality, those first two movies have forever been required holiday viewing for me (and many others). For 2015, and released in the same week that it was revealed that Len Wiseman would be helming a prequel entitled DIE HARD: YEAR ONE, the first five films in the DIE HARD franchise have been re-issued on Blu-ray and Digital HD in an ultimate edition - NAKATOMI PLAZA: DIE HARD COLLECTION. This exciting new set is a featured item in my 2015 Holiday Wish Guide!

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