This is the type of personal journal entry that I'm always hesitant to post - the kind that I wish that my family wouldn't read, if only because I fear that they will fault me for simply being who I am and being honest about it, despite that fact that the fear is probably something more perceived than reality, and that's part of the problem. I just don't want anyone to be hurt or upset because I am broken...

It's Friday morning. The second day of summer break (and really, there is no "break" when you have kids) and Finley is sitting on the couch behind me watching TV while her big sister, Addie, sleeps in for a change upstairs. Nothing on the schedule for the girls today, and that's a very rare thing. As for me, I'm sitting at the computer in my office, typing these words that you're reading while sipping my first Diet Mountain Dew of the day while holding back tears in my eyes. They're tears incited by the reports this morning of the death of a man who I didn't know... a man I was familiar with, one whose work wasn't particularly special to me in any way, but one with legions of fans around the globe: Chef Anthony Bourdain.

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Netflix #StreamTeamThe Rock Father™ is a writer for the Netflix #StreamTeam & the Beat Bugs Dream Team

When the Netflix Original Series BEAT BUGS made its debut in 2016, families were quickly immersed in a vibrant new world inspired by the timeless music of THE BEATLES.  Following the adventures of five best friends -- Jay, Kumi, Crick, Buzz and Walter -- who band together to discover life's most important lessons in an overgrown suburban backyard -- Beat Bugs encourages lessons of friendship and problem-solving while introducing a new generation to some of the greatest songs of all-time. Mixing classic and contemporary, here The Beatles' music is performed by an all-star line-up of artists including Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, Pink, Robbie Williams, Sia, Rod Stewart, Regina Spektor, James Corden, and late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. With two seasons already streaming in full on Netflix, the Beat Bugs adventures are just getting started...

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Netflix #StreamTeamTwo years ago, news hit that an Australian/U.S. Production company called GRACE had made an unheard-of deal with Sony Music/ATV Publishing to use THE BEATLES' song catalog in a children's series. Now comes the news that BEAT BUGS will debut as a Netflix Original Series this August, presenting over 50 famous songs of THE BEATLES, reimagined by artists such as PEARL JAM's Eddie Vedder, SOUNDGARDEN's Chris Cornell, Sia, Pink, Regina Spektor, The Shins and more - all woven into a world set in a suburban backyard. Check out a teaser and full details below!

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