Citizens of Gotham... By now, you have all witnessed the power and glory of BatDad, who may or may not be Gregory Abbey, but is most certainly not Bruce Wayne. With The Joker and Catwoman out of the picture, a new enemy has emerged - one that reminds me of why THE ROCK FATHER no longer allows cats in his house. BANECAT has arrived, and while he may soon bring Gotham's reckoning, he is most certainly bringing boxes full of poop and kitty litter to the resident of one apartment. Feast (but not Fancy Feast) your eyes upon the visual evidence collected by Comissioner Gordon below...

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On October 14, 2014, Warner Bros. Games will release BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT (Pre-order: Amazon | GameStop), the finale to their Arkham Trilogy. While the game was just officially announced today and details are scarce, the Next Gen-only title will arrive for PC, XBOX One, and PLAYSTATION 4. I guess this means I finally need to get an XBOX One (I'm still on the XBOX 360), as this game looks fantastic. The Rocksteady crew have certainly taken some of that Christopher Nolan-influence and run with it, and their driveable BATMOBILE is one mean ride. See the trailer, "Father to Son," below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

I really need to get back into comics... not just reading them, but as a creator and writer. My personal foray into that realm was brief (as was the existence for the publisher I worked for), but the couple of books I did create have been made available on Amazon as Kindle Editions (they're FREE!) and oddly enough, they still hit the charts (DEATH WALKS THE STREETS #1 is currently number #13 in horror - tonight). I miss regular reads, and often times, catching up via Trade Paperback is the way to go (I still like to hold a real book), and tonight I spotted some upcoming releases that I'd like to highlight here on THE ROCK FATHER. Actually, I think we'll make this a regular feature. 

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It's an in-between week for new family media titles, with some decent stuff hitting retail but no single "blockbuster" title to lead the charge. But that doesn't mean that the offerings aren't worth a look, as there's a trio of new DVDs from SESAME STREET along with BEWARE THE BATMAN, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, GARFIELD, DR. SUESS and a bunch of bargain-priced reissues. And, if you'd like to "Think Spring," there's new Easter titles from PETER RABBIT, PETER COTTONTAIL, and Nickelodeon's DORA THE EXPLORER. Here's what's hitting the streets today, February 18, 2014.

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Holy Retro Pop Culture, Batman! 48 years ago today - Wednesday, January 12, 1966, BATMAN premiered on ABC for the first of 120 episodes of campy, Caped Crusader goodness. Like many, I grew up watching it in re-runs on WFLD Channel 32 here in Chicago, a staple of 1980s post-school viewing. As a parent, I've introduced my little ones to the series via the 1966 feature-length film on DVD, with hopes that we'll eventually see the long-awaited proper Blu-ray and DVD release... which seems to become rumored at least once a year.

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Thursday, October 31 2013 14:22

Watch: Full Trailer for The LEGO Movie...

It's BATMAN, SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN, and the GREEN LANTERN together on the big screen for the very first time. It's ABRAHAM LINCOLN, GOD, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, ROBIN HOOD, THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, a GHOST, and HAN SOLO, coming together for one very special adventure. Yes, Warner Bros. built The LEGO Movie, and the first full-length trailer has arrived. Check it out below...

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