On March 1 at 8pm ET/PT on ABC, JACK WHITE & WILLIE NELSON will pay a visit to THE MUPPETS in the special one-hour, two-episode First Season Finale. With more drama between Miss Piggy and Kermit following a stint in the hospital, the duo reevaluates their relationship (as they do quite often), but this time Kermit turns to the former WHITE STRIPES frontman for some much-needed help and advice. Check out the teaser poster below.

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Previously on THE ROCK FATHER... We took a journey to Los Angeles, following Agent Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis in their relocation from New York, setting up shop in the newly-created West Coast Office of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR). There we met with actors Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy, along with showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas to discuss Season Two of MARVEL's AGENT CARTER. Now that story continues...

What is visible on the surface is often just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg - the front-facing public visage of the SSR being much the same. Hidden behind the New York Bell Company on the East Coast, the precursor to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have taken on a very "Hollywood" front for their entry into the sunnier climate, naturally, a talent agency. Behind the painted glass window of the Auerbach Theatrical Agency, the familiar Rose Roberts mans the phones, a task in which she's well-versed - but here she finds herself fending off a seemingly endless onslaught of Hollywood hopefuls with stars in their eyes.  "We don't advertise. Our sign is barely legible. Our address is wrong in the city directory. And yet, somehow, they find us," she tells Agent Carter upon her arrival, speaking of the hungry actors who constantly come calling. Perhaps a talent agency wasn't the best front they could've chosen, but with Howard Stark now moonlighting as a film producer, a natural one to fit with the show's new West Coast narrative... and a fun one in which to play a bit of "make believe" for the cast and crew.

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On a December afternoon, somewhere in Burbank, not far from where Doc Brown and Marty McFly once traveled back in time to 1955, I too, found myself taking a step into the past for a glimpse into the future. Walking into a soundstage and onto the 1947 set of MARVEL's AGENT CARTER, I settled into the almost-too-real-to-be-fake Los Angeles Office for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR), joining a familiar crew of fellow writers to meet up with Showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas (both of the upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL comic relaunch), along with stars Hayley Atwell (Agent Peggy Carter) and James D'Arcy (Edwin Jarvis) to pull back the curtain on what second season adventures await... and the off-screen shenanigans that bring the cast and crew of AGENT CARTER closer together.

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When Kermit the Frog tweeted that he'd asked DR. TEETH AND THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM for a new song to release on Christmas Day, he noted that in "typical fashion, it's a day late." So, in typical Rock Father fashion, I'm sharing it here 16 days late(r). The Electric Mayhem's cover of Paul Simon's "Kodachrome" is an appropriate song for the Instagram generation - one in which clear digital photos are regularly filtered to achieve that vintage look. While ABC's THE MUPPETS is on hiatus until February, perhaps we'll see more rock from Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Animal, Janice, Zoot and Lips at some point in the near future.

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THE BACHELOR Season 20 premieres Monday, January 4, 2016 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on ABC.

Last month, while I was in Los Angeles working the Global Press Event for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, my friends at Disney/ABC (I was there on their dime - disclosure and all) invited me to cover some other projects, one of which isn't exactly what you'd expect to be up my general alley. I'm speaking, of course, about THE BACHELOR, with returns to ABC for its 20th Season this week, and host Chris Harrison knows full well that while it's not for everyone - the show does count some surprising fans (including numerous "tough guys" and professional athletes) among the ranks of those in the "Bachelor Nation." At what was being touted as "The Most Dramatic Brunch Ever," I sipped on a Mimosa while Harrison led a discussion about the long-running series, being a parent, rollin' with Ice Cube, and yes, a galaxy far, far away.

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GALAVANT Season Two Premieres on ABC, January 3, 2016 with two back-to-back episodes at 8pm ET. The 10-episode season will air Sunday nights for five consecutive weeks.

"Suck it, Cancellation Bear!" That's the bold message delivered in the season two premiere of GALAVANT, returning to ABC after what was originally touted as a four-week "comedy extravaganza" last year, when it made its debut as a mid-season fill-in for ONCE UPON A TIME. The self-aware live-action fairy tale musical seemed like a great idea for a limited engagement, but the surprising and enthusiastic audience response led to another go - one that promises some set pieces so big that King Richard himself, actor Timothy Omundson (SUPERNATURAL, PSYCH) assures audiences that they "will never, ever, ever happen again in a half-hour comedy." So how did this writer take an early look at just what GALAVANT has in store? I traveled to Burbank (on Mickey Mouse's dime - disclosure and all) to watch the season two premiere alongside Omundson and series Creator/Executive Producer Dan Fogelman (CARS, TANGLED) and Writer/Executive Producer Kat Likkel (MY NAME IS EARL, THE NEIGHBORS), who provided some live commentary on what's yet to come on a season packed with guest stars including Nick Frost (SHAUN OF THE DEAD), pop star Kylie Minogue, Weird Al Yankovic, DOWNTON ABBEY's Hugh Bonneville, and John Stamos. And, oh, those catchy tunes...

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