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41NbHlqUKTL. SL160 I usually get a little bit leary of when people hand me things to "check out" at a convention. Regardless of the material, I always manage to get to it, even when it takes months to happen. Such is the case with this album, CADAVEROUS PRESENCE, the 2008 release by Chicago's Cardiac Arrest. The CD was given to me back in February by guitarist Tom Knizner.
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ARCHIVE INTERVIEW: Tommy Victor of PRONG (2009)

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From the Personal Archives of James Zahn: This interview was originally conducted for and posted on the late FANGORIA Musick section of horror magazine FANGORIA's website on April 4, 2009

When people ask me to ramble off the names of my favorite bands, there’s a few that I always mention. Faith No More. Helmet. Clutch. And PRONG.

Prong first hit my radar in the early 1990’s. I was in high school, and MTV still played music. A weekend staple was always HEADBANGERS BALL, and it was through that show that Prong first hit my ears during the era of their 1991 Epic Records release PROVE YOU WRONG

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51Jj7Ztg9yL. SL160 After a succesful run on their self-released EP, THE ROAD LEADS TO NOWHERE, New Mexico's LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT have returned with AMONG FLIES, their first full-length set of horror-influenced metal for Siege of Amida/Ferret Records.

wzboxsetI was first exposed to the music of WHITE ZOMBIE through a blind buy of their 1989 Caroline Records release MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY (the spine of the CD oddly says “Let Them Die Slowly”). At the time, I didn’t really enjoy it, and I later went on to trade in the disc at a local record store in favor of something a little more “metal.”

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rrunitedcover“You can’t consider yourself a hardcore kid or a metalhead without owning a Roadrunner album.” - Jamey Jasta, HATEBREED.

In 2004, Cees Wessels, founder and owner of Roadrunner Records, approached longtime A&R chief Monte Conner about creating a project and event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the label.

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