On May 4, Brooklyn-based artist Suzi Shelton will release her first full-length family music album in six years. Produced by Marc Bazerman, and featuring guest vocals by Mike Messer from The Dirty Sock Funtime Band and Chicago's own Little Miss Ann, SMILE IN MY HEART is a twelve-track collection of original and traditional songs. Later this week, Suzi will debut the first of several planned music videos from the album, when "Cinnamon Bear" hits the 'net.

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Little PimIf you're not familiar with Little Pim and are interested in working with your children to learn a foreign language, you definitely should be. I've mentioned the multi-platform language learning system here on The Rock Father before, and I've been dabbling with their French and Spanish sets here at Rock Father HQ. I say "dabble" because I've yet to be able to devote the time I really need to into it, but I'm getting there. I want my girls to learn early, and Little Pim has a fantastic program to do it, complete with music (DAN ZANES and MILKSHAKE appear on the Spanish disc we have), books, DVDs, flashcards, Apps and more, all geared toward kids from birth-six. But now they have an additional project in the mix that they could use a little help funding a Holiday e-Book for Kids called AROUND THE WORLD WITH LITTLE PIM. They're looking for $12K and are about halfway there on Kickstarter* with just 11 days to go. If you're inclined to help, you'll get some pretty cool products in return. Let's take a look.

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This is one of those situations where I get very conflicted. On the surface, there's a start-up company looking to crowdfund a project that they believe in. The intentions seem good, the product solid, and the market is there. Underneath, the problem is that I don't particularly like the product, it'll be obsolete quick, and I wish that the market wasn't there. TEK RECON, which launched it's Kickstarter this week, is being touted as "The First Real-Life Video Game," and was called a combination of "Nerf and Halo" by CNET. It's guns. It's kids. It's tech. So many problems...

I feel like I need to crowdfund something. Maybe it's just this week, but it seems like every other email I open has something to do with a band or brand using Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to raise some cash. The evolved new version of CHIMAIRA will be releasing their new album CROWN OF PHANTOMS this summer, and right now the band is looking for $30K (via IndieGoGo) for a "Fan Edition" CD/DVD Combo with a ton of multimedia content. The perks are good (you're not just throwing cash at the project, but getting something in return) and I'm confident that this goal will be acheived. Hell, they already have about a third of it in with 45 days to go. Check out frontman Mark Hunter in a pitch video below, along with details on what exactly this "Fan Edition" will include...

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I must be getting soft this week. Three Kickstarters in seven days, and I usually don't post Kickstarter projects at all (largely because once I do a post, ten more people come at me with their hands out for coverage, and most of them suck), but there have been some good things popping up lately. One example is LiddUp, a cooler with built-in LED lighting... like a refrigerator. Seems like a simple, no-brainer of an idea... but it goes deeper. Featured this past week on ABC's SHARK TANK (where the creators did score a deal), a Kickstarter is up*, and there's no better overview of the product than the video by Jayson Sandberg and Taylor Gwiazdon.

I'm always a little leery of covering Kickstarter projects here on The Rock Father, but here we are with the second one this week. This is not an invitation for people to start shoving their projects down my throat again (it's happened), but when I see something that I dig that also has a realistic, attainable goal - I just might share it. One such project? The Dream Car by huzi design. 76% Funded with just 10 Days to go, Cindy Ng and her team at huzi have crafted collectible, customizable toy cars that capture the feeling of a timeless, classic wooden toy - but with modern design aesthetics and some cool new twists. Check out Cindy's pitch video below:

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