When you think of Step2, chances are you immediately think of play kitchens, outdoor play houses, swing sets and that type of stuff. What many don't realize is that they've also made home & garden products for many years (we have a Step2 mailbox), but that's never really been front and center. That might be on the cusp of changing, though, as Step2 has been working on some pretty innovative new products for the lifestyle space, one of which was recently sent to us for review - the StoneFront Patio Collection Cooler & Storage unit. Being so big into outdoor living, I was really excited to see this become a reality, as it was something hinted at when I last visited The Step2 Company's headquarters in Ohio back when I was working with them as a brand ambassador a couple years back. This is something that adds some real flair and function to any outdoor space.

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I can distinctly recall a time when I was a little kid - distracted by some cool new action figures in the lower-level toy department at Wieboldts - and when I approached my "Mom" - a lady turned around and revealed herself not to be my Mom, but a lady with similar hair and a similar jacket. I was terrified - and while I wasn't truly "lost" (my Mom was an aisle or two over), I could've been because I wasn't staying with my grownup like I should've been. Now, as a parent myself, I'm even more terrified of being separated from my girls - especially since they have a habit of just taking off. For peace of mind, there's a product out called SafetyTat, and with summer here and plenty of adventures taking place, I received a few samples that I was eager to try out.

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We have a "two-car" garage here at Rock Father HQ, but it's been awhile since it's actually seen a car - a real car - inside it. My Dad might've pegged it best when he deemed it "the warehouse" on a visit last year, a nickname that I've since adopted since the garage has been used for anything but keeping vehicles safe these past few years... rather, becoming a place for storage, toys and projects... with my tools and such shoddily tossed-in with no real organization. I did tackle the Christmas decorations back in January (something I'd written about), but with Spring here, it became really apparent that I absolutely have to get that garage whipped into shape. For my kids, it probably looks like the warehouse in INDIANA JONES. To me? A mess.

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Last month, the folks at LAICA had one of their new Stream 3000 Series Water Pitchers delivered to Rock Father HQ. Now, I'm always on the lookout for cool new items to feature here on THE ROCK FATHER, products that will enhance your lifestyle (and mine), and this Italian-made water filtration system certainly fits the bill. Rather than completely strip your tap water of even essential minerals, LAICA has devised a system that preserves the balance of calcium and magnesium. It's brand-new to North America, and we're getting one lucky reader hooked up with a pitcher and a year's supply of Bi-flux MineralBalance Filters. 

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It should be absolutely no surprise to anyone at this point that Coffee is an essential ingredient of my day here at Rock Father HQ. With that in mind, the folks at Life of Dad and Starbucks asked me to show off a Starbucks VIA Moment on Instagram (Hey! I'm new there, give me a follow!), and that's what I did. Roughly 10 seconds of life as a Work-at-Home Dad with a mischievous 4-year-old slapping the camera away, and an angry 14-month-old crying and screaming at me. Yes, that's just one example of a Starbucks VIA Moment (along with rockin' into the wee hours) when a quick cup of coffee is required. Watch mine below, then share yours for a chance to win some fantastic prizes!

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Not long ago, I walked into Walmart and found my attention immediately grabbed by a colorful display that reached out to me and said, "Come here, Dear Consumer! Come, Rock Father! Explore my explosion of color!" Now, it didn't actually have a voice, but I'm anthropomorphizing it anyway, if only because it got me into trouble when I came home. This display, prominently-featured at the front of the Back-to-School department, was touting a new line of "Colors for Every Occasion" by CRAYOLA, and damn if I didn't let the "Collect Them All! (While Supplies Last)" tagline grab the crayon-loving kid in me. But it's for my children.

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