I've been known to say that the "Keurig is one of the greatest inventions of the past twenty years," but as recent history has been showing us, it's more about the single-serve K-Cup itself, and less about the machine and brand. As a regular coffee drinker (something that runs in the family - my Great Grandfather was a professional coffee taster), and one often on-the-go, the convenience of the K-Cup was what held the most appeal, and in that, our machine was glorious. My wife and I loved our Keurig enough that we gave them as gifts, but for our own machine, its days were numbered. At almost the same time that our new iCoffee Opus arrived here for review from Remington Designs, our Keurig was shot - it's demise coming after leaking for several months. My wife was not pleased, and was hesitant to pitch it, even though we had a new single-cup brewer here at HQ. The looming question being - could this relatively-unknown brewer take on the ones from the dominating Green Mountain Coffee Empire?

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Since adding the VTech InnoTab MAX Android Tablet (sent here for for review) to my 2014 Holiday Wish Guide a few weeks back, I've had a number of friends inquire about our personal experiences with it - me being overly cautious, perhaps even being considered a "party pooper" when it comes to letting my girls run wild with the "screens." What do I think? Quite simply, at $109 (and I've seen them on-sale for under $100), it's a very good tablet. This 7" high-resolution 1020x600 unit is sturdy, responsive and has some great parental control features, but that does not mean it's 100% perfect. Here's some thoughts...

Doing what I do and living the way I live, I've used a lot of headphones over the years. While styles have changed and the type of application can be different (I like studio at home, earbuds at the gym), it all comes down to the perfect match of sound and style to impress me, and when the chance came to check out a pair of Margaritaville Audio's new MTX Headphones, I snagged it. After a box said to contain their "Margarita Lime" headphones arrived here at Rock Father HQ for review, I put them to the ultimate test and took them out on the road... after giving them an in-home test with a bottle of Landshark Lager, which I figured was appropriate. 

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