At the National Science Teachers Association Conference in Atlanta, GA, a surprise announcement was made about a new initiative that will bring something that truly rocks into schools. OK Go has partnered with The Playful Learning Lab to launch the OK Go Sandbox, a program that will provide classrooms around the world with an incredible assortment of content to use alongside the band's music videos for an artistic, STEAM-based experience.

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I have an extreme love for HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, so when word arrived that HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 was a real deal - I was sold. Originally scheduled for release this past Christmas, the movie is now being released on February 20, 2015 via Paramount Pictures, and the first single from the soundtrack is almost hard to believe. If you've seen the R-Rated "red band" trailer, then you've already heard the catchy little jingle that Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry throw down for Clark Duke... a little something about being "a f***ing nerd." Well, OK GO - known for doing family-friendly tunes with THE MUPPETS have made that song into a ridiculously catchy jam that will be hard to play for anyone but grownups. Hear the single below, but keep the kids away...

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I've always imagined that every time the members of OK Go sit down to brainstorm a new music video, one of them throws down a pencil and curses their 2005 treadmill-hopping clip for "Here It Goes Again" (I played that a ton on ROCK BAND) as the piece that started them down an elaborate path that grows more complex with each new album. The latest in their string of continuous-take videos is for "I Won't Let You Down," the second single from their recently-released album, HUNGRY GHOSTS. Check it out below...

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