After just announcing that they're releasing a limited-edition Wardance Craft Beer through New York's Butternuts Brewery, now comes news that Anthrax will release a limited edition For All Kings 7" Vinyl Box Set. Available exclusively in North America and released in conjunction with the band's upcoming Spring co-headline tour with Killswitch Engage, the set goes on sale March 24 and will retail for $79.99. Check out drummer Charlie Benante doing an unboxing below...

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With all the coverage area I hit here on THE ROCK FATHER, there's times when the needle is so far over to the "family" side of things that I don't get to spend as much time over here in the "grownups" section as I'd like. That said, it's time to play a little bit of catch-up on some new releases from the metallic side of things, one of which hit the streets back in May - the latest album from MUSHROOMHEAD, THE RIGHTEOUS & THE BUTTERFLY.

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ANTHRAX has finally confirmed the details on their long-discussed covers EP, ANTHEMS. Set for release in North America on March 19 (MRI/Megaforce), and on March 22 in Europe (Nuclear Blast), ANTHEMS features 'Thrax'd-up versions of some of the band's favorite songs from the 1970s.

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Monday, September 24 2012 10:17

An open letter from ANTHRAX...

The guys from ANTHRAX just sent over "An Open Letter to Friends and Supporters," so here it is for all of you to check out... 

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So much rock. So little time. I cover 'Music for Kids' and 'Music for Grown-ups' here on The Rock Father™, and since so much news from the latter pours in here on a daily basis, there's just no way to cover it all... but I can do a lot, in bite-sized nuggets. Hence, The Random Rock N' More - quick one-liners on dozens of bands and artists, each with a link to delve deeper if you choose. The important info without the fluff. It's also the only real time that the 'For Grown-ups' music hits the homepage. We'll start with 'Rock' - from indie to mainstream, metal to punk, and everything in-between - then shift to 'N More' for some other genres. Here's updates on over 36 bands and artists for May 5, 2012. 

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Friday, September 02 2011 00:00

Anthrax - WORSHIP MUSIC (Archive Album Review)

Worship MusicChoosing the words with which to describe my feelings about WORSHIP MUSIC (order now on iTunes), the long-awaited and severely-overdue new album from ANTHRAX has proved challenging. In title alone, the album lends itself to a barrage of cheesy, overtly punny phrasing involving imagery of religion, worship, praise, and prayer - none of which you will find me slathering upon it like many of my peers no doubt will.

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