I'm gonna hop in the DeLorean and take you back to an era well more than a decade ago at this point - an era where pop-punk reigned, with labels like Drive-Thru and Fearless cranking a steady output of Warped Tour-ready acts, and bands like NEW FOUND GLORY, BLINK-182, GOOD CHARLOTTE, SUM 41 and SIMPLE PLAN were topping the charts. Riding that wave were a ton of bands that never quite made the same impact, but on local and regional levels were carrying the torch high for melodic rock with anthemic, sing-along choruses. Here in Northern Illinois, I'd once crossed paths with a band called THE BRUCE CHI AFFAIR (I did a video for them), who later evolved into FINAL ROUND (who I also did a video for). FINAL ROUND was great at what they did, but like many bands, they hit a few snags with members both moving or even passing on (their late drummer D-Max even played with yours truly on an EP back in '04). Over the years, FINAL ROUND never really went away, but now they're officially back on the map with the release of IT ENDS WITH US BOTH RIGHT HERE, which hit iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp this week. Stream the full album below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

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SLAYER. The photo above arrived in my inbox this evening in a message devoid of any text aside from the subject line of "Slayer" and a link to a Facebook post containing the hashtag #SlayerAlbum15. The photo of Kerry King in the studio was taken by Andrew Stuart, confirming that the latest incarnation of the band - Tom Araya vocals/bass, guitarist Kerry King, drummer Paul Bostaph, and guitarist Gary Holt - is working on their first album for Nuclear Blast Records.

anothercenturyWord on this has been circling for a bit, but now the cat is out of the bag - CENTURY MEDIA has formed a new record label, ANOTHER CENTURY RECORDS. The new label is set to focus on hard rock, and has signed three new acts - my friends, THE BLOODLINE (based right here in Chicago), New Zealand's LIKE A STORM and Los Angeles' REV THEORY. These bands join Century Media's FOZZY, ADRENALINE MOB, and OTHERWISE to round-out the initial roster. Century Media founder Robert Kampf shared a few words about the label this morning...

I can never say enough good things about BRIAN SETZER. More people need to explore his massive body of work, and I do my best to make sure the youngsters around these parts are exposed to it. That said, I'm really excited for the August 12 release of ROCKABILLY RIOT! ALL ORIGINAL (Surfdog Records). This week, Setzer has released the first single, "Let's Shake" - and it's all the rockabilly goodness you'd expect. Give it a loud listen below, and check out a few words from the man himself...

UPDATED: The Internet Gods didn't want you to see this. Both live clips have been pulled from YouTube.

"Roots Bloody Roots!" That anthemic call has been raging since the song was released as the first single from SEPULTURA's ROOTS album in 1996. But then, frontman Max Cavalera split from the band and formed SOULFLY, who have been performing "Roots Bloody Roots" as part of their live set since 1997... and SEPULTURA gained a new frontman with the addition of Derrick Green (also in '97) and have continued playing "Roots Bloody Roots" as part of their live set as well. Both bands have gone through numerous line-up changes since that year (the same year I started dating my now-wife), and while it's probably happened before, I never thought of this phenomenon until now - SEPULTURA and SOULFLY performing on the bill at the same festival. It happened at Hellfest this past weekend, with SEPULTURA throwing down their "Roots" on Friday, and SOULFLY serving theirs on Saturday. So the question begs, who plays it better? Let's take a look and listen, then sound off in the comments section below!

Back in 2011, I had an opportunity to see the X documentary film, X: THE UNHEARD MUSIC at Chicago's Bottom Lounge as part of RIOT FEST. Of course, the highlight was X themselves, performing their first album in it's entirety, and I was right there on the side of the stage seeing the action from a nearly JOHN DOE point-of-view. Now, X will do some special Four-Night Stands in Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland and New York - with select dates in-between. This is a fantastic opportunity for fans to see X - John Doe, Exene Cervenka, Billy Zoom, and D.J. Bonebrake - doing what they do best. Dates below.

I've featured Nashville's THE NEARLY DEADS here on THE ROCK FATHER before (my friend Rob manages the band), and on June 24, the band will release their new album, INVISIBLE TONIGHT (pre-order: Amazon | iTunes). The band has been growing an audience - snagging $13,000 in support for the album and tour via Kickstarter, and their recent WAYNE'S WORLD-inspired video is nearing 16K plays on YouTube in just two weeks. As of tonight, the new album is streaming in it's entirety over at IDOBI radio. Learn more about the band, watch and listen below - then sound off in the comments. Dig 'em? Don't dig 'em? I want to know!

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Indie: Check out "Edges of the World" by AFTER

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AfterFrom North Hollywood, CA comes AFTER with their new music video, "Edges of the World." The single was released earlier this Spring (get it on iTunes), and is set to appear on their forthcoming full-length, LIFE.

Check out the new single and video below, along with the full rundown on the band. Dig it? Don't dig it? Sound off in the comments and let me know...

I've always been fond of Dan "The Automator" Nakamura. particularly from his work on projects such as LOVAGE, HANDSOME BOY MODELING SCHOOL and HEAD AUTOMATICA. Now, the DELTRON 3030 and GORILLAZ collaborator has announced a new pairing, GOT A GIRL - in which he pairs with actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (DEATH PROOF, KILL THE MESSENGER). While Bulk Recordings won't be releasing their debut album, I LOVE YOU BUT I MOST DRIVE OFF THIS CLIFF NOW until July 22, check out their new single, "Did We Live Too Fast?" below...

Saturday, May 24 2014 23:45

Watch: THE CRAZY CARLS - "Let Me"

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A friend of mine sent me a link to this video yesterday, and without even reading the whole message, I just clicked the link and let YouTube roll in another tab without really watching. Call it "multi-tasking," but I was really just getting a feel for THE CRAZY CARLS while trying to get through the endless stream of emails in my inbox. For a moment, I forgot what I was listening to and thought I had some FALL OUT BOY going somewhere... a vibe that forced me to pay attention and go back to the start on "Let Me" (Amazon | iTunes), a track that does have some of the FoB groove, but almost with a bit of that "Get Lucky" thing happening. Check THE CRAZY CARLS' latest single for yourself below...

Thursday, May 22 2014 23:18

MUSHROOMHEAD rock, but LORDE is confused?

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I really need to share some formal thoughts on it soon, but I've been spinning THE RIGHTEOUS & THE BUTTERFLY, the latest effort from MUSHROOMHEAD, quite a bit here at Rock Father HQ these past few weeks. The album, released to the public last week, landed at #20 on the Billboard Top 200 (the band's highest debut), along with securing the #1 spot on the Hard Rock Chart. The oddball of the bunch is the #5 debut on the Billboard Rock Album chart, where TORI AMOS and LORDE landed ahead of MRH... along with actual "rock artists," THE BLACK KEYS and SANTANA.

We're in the middle of #MaeWeek (May 19-23), and MAE is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut album DESTINATION: BEAUTIFUL and the compilation, DESTINATION: B-SIDES with the super-limited Spartan Records release of the alum as a "unique vinyl variant" limited to just 100 copies. Going beyond just #MaeWeek, the band has scheduled an intimate one-time-only online performance at StageIt.com for June 7th. The show will feature the band performing from their studio and interacting with fans, all streaming live online and on mobile devices for ticket-holders.

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