For most, the art of "rigging" is something unfamiliar, a term that may bring to mind other professions like those in the maritime or theatrical fields. In reality, they're all connected, but instead of using physical ropes and cables, animation riggers use programs like Maya as tools of their trade. "Without rigging, our characters are really nothing more than digital sculptures," explained Frank Hanner, the Character CG Supervisor on Disney's FROZEN, while speaking to a group of writers on a recent visit to Walt Disney Animation Studios. "It really is the Rigger's job to bring them to life, and they do that by building skeletons of the characters, and finding a way to attach muscles and skin. Finally, they build a set of animation controls that allow the animators to push and pull the characters around." Hmmm, but are they sure that it was wise to hand the keys (a mouse and keyboard, to be specific) to THE ROCK FATHER? If you ever wondered if that lovable snowman Olaf could ROCK, I just might have the answer.

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Tomorrow, my friends at The Walt Disney Company will debut the new Disney Junior anthem, "DJ Shuffle," with the official music video set to appear on both Disney Channel and Disney Junior. Performed by Parry Gripp, frontman of NERF HERDER, and the mastermind behind YouTube sensations such as "Do You Like Waffles?," the song comes from the first-ever Disney Junior compilation album, DJ SHUFFLE, which will be released on March 18th via Walt Disney Records. While you'll have to wait until tomorrow to catch it on television, THE ROCK FATHER is proud to partner with Disney Junior to present the Exclusive Premiere, right here, right now! Get ready to do the "DJ Shuffle," and hit play on the video below...

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On April 1, my friends at Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release THE PIRATE FAIRY, the latest production to come from DisneyToon Studios (PLANES). A new installment of the Disney Fairies series, THE PIRATE FAIRY falls in-line as both a sequel to those films, and also a prequel to a true Disney classic, 1953's PETER PAN. While it's currently being shown in a limited theatrical engagement in Los Angeles, most will have to wait a few weeks to experience it... but if you want an early taste, here's a five-minute sneak preview to enjoy, right here on THE ROCK FATHER.

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MARVEL's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is blasting into theaters via The Walt Disney Company on August 1, and Hasbro is bringing the adventure into the toy aisles this summer with a full line of action figures, vehicles and role-play toys. I can dig it, and tonight I've got a look at these new goodies from the ever-expanding MARVEL Cinematic Universe, all for your browsing pleasure, right here on THE ROCK FATHER.

The Walt Disney Company and Barneys New York have launched a new Holiday program for 2012 called ELECTRIC HOLIDAY. Combining Disney characters with the world of high-fashion, the multi-tiered event features Electric Holiday windows at Barney's flagship Madison Avenue store in New York, complete with a short film being touted as a "moving art video." Disney reached out to The Rock Father with the full details this evening, including the entire, five-minute short, which can be viewed below, along with footage taken at the unveiling of the windows this week.

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