If you're looking for a unique gift that also makes a great stocking stuffer this Holiday season, it's no secret that jewelry can often fit that bill... for kids, too! Even better is when you can put a handmade spin on some pop culture icons for a design that's both familiar and different. Mama Beads & Baby Baubles is a small business based in Pennsylvania, producing handmade Bubblegum Bracelets and Necklaces, with custom designs featuring semi-precious and glass beads available as well. Owner Amy Martin spotted The Rock Daughters' fashion sense a few months back and sent us a few of her creations. We liked them so much that I'm including them as an official pick in my 2015 Holiday Wish Guide here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine!

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There has been an awakening... and you will soon feel it. J.J. Abrams' STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS will hit theaters on December 18th, but on September 4th - just one week from today - the first merchandise from the new film will become available for sale. One of the biggest destinations for STAR WARS is Entertainment Earth, and with unique items that go far beyond the usual spectrum - STAR WARS for the entire family. One of the newest outfits to enter the mix is Han Cholo - jewelry from Los Angeles-based designer Brandon Schoolhouse. In addition to his original pieces that have a true sense of timeless rock 'n' roll style, Schoolhouse's work has branched into the licensed realm, with limited-edition pieces featuring iconic pop culture brands like VOLTRON, G.I. JOE, MONOPOLY, SCRABBLE, and of course, STAR WARS - officially-licensed by Lucasfilm and DisneyWith one week to go until #ForceFriday, Entertainment Earth and THE ROCK FATHER Magazine are teaming-up to get two (2) lucky readers set-up to rock some Han Cholo designs of their own. Will The Force be with you?

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2014 Holiday Gift GuideI don't personally wear a ton of jewelry, but when I do, it has to be something special. Those rare items are elusive, so when I had a chance to check out some of what Isabelle Grace Jewelry - the creation of designer Claudia Montez - has been producing, I was surprised when I spotted something that I absolutely had to have. Handcrafted and made-to-order in Massachusetts, the Guitar Pick Necklace pairs a beautiful Fine (.999) Silver pendant with an 18" (or larger) chain, and can be completely personalized.

Back in May, a tiny, brown box arrived here at Rock Father HQ bearing the mark of a cute, little Tooth Fairy, and a Portland return address. What was inside was a baubleApp, a piece of hand-crafted jewelry that contains an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip, thus making it interactive with a variety of electronic devices. The fairyHeart baubleApp (I'm not too keen on the weird capitalization) is a sparkly heart that features the Tooth Fairy on the front, and is attached to a metal chain. It's a perfect necklace for a girl like my Addie.

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