Netflix Stream TeamAs we enter the home stretch of 31 Days of Halloween here on THE ROCK FATHER, we're also in the biggest week for spooktacular viewing for the whole family. As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, once a month I highlight some hand-picked selections, chosen for you right here at Rock Father HQ. From television terror to sinful cinema, there's plenty of devilish delights for this pun-fully eerie time of year. So pour the kids some hot apple cider, crack open a pumpkin beer for yourself, and sit back for these terrifying tricks and terrific treats!

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NETFLIXOn January 1, 2015, NETFLIX is bringing you some FRIENDS. That's right, all ten seasons of the hit NBC series will be available for streaming right off the bat. I remember the primitive days, where I had to buy these bulky, DVD Box Sets of FRIENDS for my wife, who was a huge fan and couldn't deal with just the constant television reruns. Alas, instant commercial-free streaming is a glorious thing. This morning, Netflix made it all official with a special music video featuring Gunther and The Rembrandts, filmed live at the Central Perk pop-up store in NYC. Check it out...

Stream TeamOh yes, the retro vibe is mighty this week (see: RAINBOW BRITE). American Greetings' CARE BEARS hit big here back in 2012 when the recently-departed Hub Network debuted CARE BEARS: WELCOME TO CARE-A-LOT. I reviewed the pilot episode here on THE ROCK FATHER, and later featured the show several times, including in a 31 Days of Halloween entry. I grew up on Care Bears, and have some fond memories of my sister and I playing with the Kenner action figures based on the Care Bears and their Cousins. Yes, Kenner (now Hasbro), makers of the iconic STAR WARS action figures, had a full line of Care Bears "poseables" figures, vehicles and playsets. I had the Cloud Car, along with the Cloud Keeper and Professor Cold Heart, as well as a few like Brave Heart Lion from THE CARE BEARS MOVIE. Why is this important now? Well, the CARE BEARS AND COUSINS are coming to Netflix in a new series.

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THE ROCK FATHER is a member of the Netflix Stream TeamNetflix is getting Lalaloopsified. On October 10, the streaming service will premiere LALALOOPSY GIRLS: WELCOME TO L.A.L.A. PREP, the recent Nickelodeon hit mini-movie that scored big among kids ages 2-11. Based on the new toy line, Lalaloopsy Girls features some fan-favorite Lala characters "all grown up." This new Lalaloopsy Girls special joins other Lalaloopsy titles that are available for viewing on Netflix right now.

Check out a clip, along with some other Lala news below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER!

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I was just telling my wife about this one the other night, not even realizing that it wasn't formally announced yet, but now the little furry creatures are officially out of the bag: THE POPPLES are back. Originally introduced as toys and an animated series back in 1985, Saban Brands is bringing the adventures of these little furballs (who transform from fuzzy balls into friends and then "pop" back again) to NETFLIX as an all-new, 26-episode animated series set to debut in 2015.

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The Rock Father is a 2014 Member of the NETFLIX Stream TeamAfter kicking around for over a decade, TRAILER PARK BOYS are back for an eighth season, this time as a NETFLIX Original. Bubbles, Ricky and Julian - perhaps Canada's best-known trailer-dwelling misfits  - just stopped by JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! last night to discuss the new season of the show, along with the highlight of their West Coast jaunt, meeting Bigg Snoop Dogg himself.

Check out a clip from Kimmel, along with the TRAILER PARK BOYS Season 8 Trailer below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER: #ForGrownups...

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