Times may change, but over the past sixty years, one constant has been the presence of MATCHBOX cars and toys, both on store shelves (and pegs), and in the homes of families everywhere. While the line has seen some ups-and-downs since it's launch in 1953, six decades of MATCHBOX memories have been created for parents and kids alike.

The Hot Wheels situation here at Rock Father HQ just got serious. What started as some simple fun with cars between my octane-obsessed daughter and I has gone well beyond rekindled childhood fun for me, and is now hitting my retro-radar at full speed. While the little one and I have a ton of fun with Hot Wheels, nothing really triggered my own "have to have it!" reaction until now. Thanks to Mattel, the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Assortment has hit the streets.

At the in-progress American International TOY FAIR in New York today, MEGA Brands revealed their new line of MEGA BLOKS HOT WHEELS Building Sets, created in partnership with Mattel. 

I'm bummed that I'm not going to Toy Fair. Eventually I'll figure out a good way to cover out-of-town events, but for now I'm pretty busy here at Rock Father HQ with The Rock Daughters. In the meantime, folks like the crew over at Disney Consumer Products are still kind enough to share some news with me, and tonight I've got a sneak-preview of Disney's Hot Toys of 2013... complete with pre-Toy Fair pictures. I already see a few items that are destined to arrive here later this year...

Why was I not aware of these? That was the first thought to enter my mind tonight when an email arrived here at Rock Father HQ containing a link to some new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Super-Deformed Plush characters from Comic Images. My love of 1980s pop culture flows freely through this site, and I'm always looking for ways to expose my children to the stuff I grew up on. I've always been a little mixed on the whole "super deformed" trend, but these new MOTU plushies are pretty rockin.' Take a look...

I've been on a real retro-kick lately, and while my wife hasn' been too keen on my thoughts of remodeling my office space into a retro-styled world of fun, I've still been recapturing some feelings of youth as my daughter and I continue rockin' the Hot Wheels. While I've mentioned my daughter's car-obsession regularly, I've really been catching the bug again myself. Case-in-point: I stopped at Dollar Tree today and picked up a pair of Hot Wheels' "The Hot Ones" funny cars that are re-tooled versions of ones I had growing up in the 1980s. From that same era came something that popped into my head tonight that I hadn't thought of in many years... the Hot Wheels Crack-Ups Crash Course!

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