A little more than a month ago, I blogged about the 60th Anniversary of MATCHBOX, and the fantastic promotional campaign that Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT) put together to celebrate the occasion. One big element of the anniversary is the MATCHBOX Heroes Wanted promotion, a sweepstakes with weekly prizes that will be capped-off with a $60,000 College Scholarship to be awarded to one winner. As noted in my initial post, I entered my car-obsessed daughter, Adalyn in the contest... and now she's become one of the weekly winners - an official "MATCHBOX Hero-in-training!"

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One of the most popular articles here on The Rock Father last month was about the new line of BATMAN CLASSICS 1966 Action Figures from Mattel. While I mentioned a forthcoming wave set to feature the Caesar Romero version of THE JOKER and the Julie Newmar version of CATWOMAN, details were scarce. Now, things are a little bit clearer.

CPSC 2013logoRemember the badass-looking Hot Wheels Urban Shredder vehicle by Dynacraft (and Mattel) that I wrote about last Fall? IT'S BEEN RECALLED. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission sent out details on "unexpected acceleration" that can cause the rider to "lose control" of the vehicle. I thought this thing looked awesome. My wife said from day one that it would be a problem. Turns out, she was right... and now nearly 9,000 of the $349 ride-on toys are destined for a landfill. Full recall details below...

Is it Halloween in April? Weird to follow-up a post about toys based on THE MUNSTERS with this...

I've known about these for a bit, but now that photos for all of them have surfaced online, it's time to discuss a forthcoming wave of the Hot Wheels "Pop Culture" cars... UNIVERSAL HORROR.

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Holy Action Figure Awesome, Batman! After previously-covering the offerings from NECA and the world of BARBIE based on the classic 1966 BATMAN television series (which until recently was unavailable for licensing), now comes what is undoubtedly the most-anticipated '66-based line of the bunch: The BATMAN CLASSICS 1966 TV Series Action Figures from MATTEL. The folks at Entertainment Earth just hit The Rock Father with full details on the first waves of these 6-inch pieces of cool, all of which are now up for pre-order. Check out the details below and pay close attention to detail...

Earlier this month, I posted a blog regarding the MATCHBOX 60th Anniversary Celebration that Mattel is currently promoting (read it here). One thing I didn't mention in that piece was that for the first time ever... MATCHBOX has issued a "chase" vehicle - a variation produced in limited numbers and randomly distributed - similar to what the MATCHBOX cousins at HOT WHEELS do with their "Treasure Hunts." While the 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Line of MATCHBOX is said to include 24 Vehicles, there is actually a 25th - the unnumbered Routemaster Bus in Red Chrome, with special artwork.

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